Join the First Ever YEA Camp Volunteer-A-Thon!

The YEA Camp Volunteer-a-Thon encourages people to get more involved in community service and activism, and to do it publicly with greater accountability and while raising awareness for their cause — all while raising funds for YEA Camp's scholarship fund.

Thanks to the support of two generous donors, all donations to the YEA Camp Volunteer-a-Thon will be TRIPLED through the end of the year!


Here’s how it works:

1. Choose some activism or community service you want to commit to doing between now and the end of the year. It could be volunteering at an animal shelter, cleaning up your neighborhood, or whatever inspires you! It could be something you were thinking to do anyway or something that you're inspired by this Volunteer-a-Thon to do with other members of our YEA Camp community!

2. Create a fundraising page at this link describing your activist plans and why you’re raising funds for YEA Camp. This is a chance to educate people about why whatever cause you choose to volunteer to address is so important. (Maybe they’ll want to get involved too!) 

3. Share your page with friends and family to help pay YEA Camp forward. Post it on social media, email or text it around, or maybe even have an actual conversation!

4. Do activism and make our world a better place! Need some ideas? Check out this blog post

Check Out Our Volunteer-a-Thon Projects

The quickest way to participate in the Volunteer-a-Thon is to donate toward someone else’s volunteering! All donations will go to our YEA Camp scholarship fund, which enables us to grant financial aid to those who need it.

Nervous about creating a donor page? Even if you don’t raise a single dollar, you will still have made a difference and educated people on a cause you care about! 

Donations are being tripled til the end of the year!

Want to get more involved in YEA Camp?


You can find out more about our youth camp, YEA Camp for Adults, working or volunteering with us, donating to us, or otherwise contacting us for more information here.

Thanks so much for your interest in our work and for all you do to make our world a better place.

Hope to see you at a future summer of YEA Camp!