YEA Camp - Helping More People Make a Bigger Difference

Since 2009, YEA Camp has been a life-changing camp for world-changing teens.
For now, we're virtual to protect our community and beyond. 
We're still doing the life-changing and world-changing, though.

YEA Camp trains aspiring activists to make a bigger difference on the social justice causes they care about.

We are a summer camp for social change -- and, under these changing circumstances, we're changing too.

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While our favorite way to teach about activism is at camp, we created The Beginner's Guide to Changing the World so that you could work on your own time and pace to take your change-making to new heights!

Virtual YEA Camp Was Amazing!

For the past 2 summers, due to the pandemic, we launched our first Virtual YEA Camps, and they've been amazing! Campers learned the basics of activism, made like-minded friends, had tons of fun, and made a difference together. 

Celebrating 10 Years of YEA

We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary of YEA Camp! Read this retrospective from our founder and learn how and why YEA Camp came to be and just some of what we've accomplished ever since.

"YEA Camp was really a life-changing experience for me."

–Ananya Singh, teen climate activist

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YEA Camp exists to help you make a bigger difference on the causes you care about

You might have noticed there are some big problems in the world.

Obviously, coronavirus, but also racism and police brutality, climate change, sexism, homophobia, poverty, gun violence, animal cruelty, our president.... Should we go on?

For the past decade, we've helped over 1,000 aspiring activists make a bigger impact on these causes and more. They've done amazing things, like change school policies, help get candidates elected, organize protests, launch school clubs, raise thousands of dollars, and so much more that they say wouldn't have happened without their experience at YEA Camp.

So if you care about making our world a better place, YEA Camp was meant for you. 

How Will You Change The World?

With so many problems in the world, where do you begin?
And can one person (such as YOU!) really make a difference?


At YEA Camp, we help you develop:

  • KNOWLEDGE - To understand the problems you are concerned about and solutions that have worked to address them
  • SKILLS - From campaign planning to fundraising to running an amazing school club, we'll train you to be even more effective 
  • CONFIDENCE - To challenge limiting beliefs you have that might be holding you back (We all have them!)
  • COMMUNITY - To connect you with peers, advisors, and organizations to help you and so you know you're not alone

With knowledge, skills, confidence, and community, the sky is the limit!

activism camp winter 2020
CA 2014 jump

YEA Camp Helps You:

  • Learn more about the problems in the world and what you can do about them
  • Develop practical activist skills you can use to make a difference 
  • Build your confidence to express yourself, step up as a leader, and do what you believe in
  • Make friends with other amazing humans who will inspire and support you
  • Develop a plan and take action to make a difference in a way that inspires you
  • Have so much fun and learn a ton that you would probably not learn elsewhere 

YEA Camp will open up amazing opportunities and help you make a bigger difference on the causes you care about for years to come. 

Want us to let you know about the next YEA Camp?

Praise from Past YEA Campers

Ananya Singh

"For me, YEA Camp was a very clear turning point [when I was 12 years old], where before this moment I was not an activist and I did not know what an activist even was, and then after this moment... that was really a spark for me. It was really a life-changing experience for me.

[YEA Camp takes the approach of] breaking down what is possible for young people to do and then giving them the confidence, the community, the courage, and also the tangible skills and the knowledge to really implement these things."

Ananya Singh, youth climate organizer; CEO, Greening Forward

Leah Kelly

"Five and a half years ago, as a 15-year-old, I attended YEA Camp for the first time and my life was changed immeasurably. 

I can’t imagine how different my life would have been from then on had I not spent that pivotal week learning what it means to be an effective agent of change and forming lasting connections that supported, and continue to support me, as I navigate a chosen path of social justice and fighting for what I believe in."

-Leah Kelly, college student; led successful campaign to get Meatless Mondays in her school district

Megan Frisella"If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn't be starting this club to help the homeless because I wouldn't know how to, or what to do when to start it."

-Megan Frisella, 12, founder of Helping Hands for the Homeless club

Ethan Lyne"You all changed my life a couple summers ago. YEA Camp changed my focus in life and opened my mind to compassion and love for everyone. I have gotten into amazing colleges because I learned so much from everyone that one week in July many months ago, and I couldn't have done it without YEA Camp."

-Ethan Lyne, 18, political organizer

Check out some of our amazing speakers!

Below you'll find the amazing counselors, teachers, and guest speakers that helped to make Virtual YEA Camp such a success!

Rose Aguilar

Progressive journalist, longtime host of KALW "Your Call" radio show, author of Red Highways


Andina Aste-Nieto

Instructor of Multicultural Education, therapist serving the Native American community, 6x YEA staff member

Leanne Alaman

Leanne Alaman

Anti-racist, inclusive leadership coach, restorative justice facilitator, 7x YEA Camp staff member

Genesis Butler

Animal rights activist, TEDx speaker, Marvel Superhero, PETA Young Animal Activist of the Year

Julia Clark

Former YEA Camper, VP of UNC’s Black Student Movement. Julia succeeded in changing the name of her high school from a confederate general to Justice High School. 

Eddie Garza

Celebrity vegan chef, author of Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook, Senior Associate of Food & Nutrition for HSUS

Sarah Goody

Sarah Goody

Former YEA Camper, vegan teen climate activist, Bay Area organizer of Climate Strike and founder of Climate NOW, writer featured in Teen Vogue

Alissa Hauser

Longtime nonprofit professional, philanthropic advisor, fiscal sponsor, former executive director of The Pollination Project

Leah Kelly

2x YEA Camper, PETA2 Activist of the Year. In high school, Leah got Meatless Mondays implemented in her entire school district.

Nora Kramer

Founder and executive director of YEA Camp, and your camp director of Virtual YEA Camp!

Ana Little-Sana

Ana Little-Saña

Former YEA Camper, political activist and organizer. Currently an associate at eStreet Group, where she works on behalf of the country's most progressive leaders. 

Daniella Monet

Actress, singer, and entrepreneur. Daniella has used her huge platform to spread the word for causes she cares about.

Toni Okamoto

Founder of the popular website and meal plan Plant-Based on a Budget and author of book by the same name.

Marquis Olison

Political organizer and trainer; ran "Camp Obama" workshops that trained hundreds of volunteers and raise thousands of dollars

Lisa Richardson Hall

Founder of Rays of Hope, which teaches youth in New Jersey community service, leadership, and advocacy.

pic ananya

Ananya Singh

2x YEA Camper and 3x YEA staff member; youth climate activist and former CEO of Greening Forward

Still have questions? Send us an email, chat with us in the chat box, or give us a call at 415-710-7351. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have!
We look forward to speaking with you or, better yet, meeting you at Virtual YEA Camp this summer!