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YEA Camp is going virtual!

To adapt to these changing times, YEA Camp is expanding our work to offer programs you can do from home. Sign up below to stay up to date on our upcoming virtual events.

A Message from The YEA Team

During these times of uncertainty and social distancing, YEA Camp is looking to create opportunities to connect and train aspiring changemakers online. Our first offering is the Changemakers Challenge -- a weeklong hour-a-day class to help you make a bigger difference on a cause you care about.

We will keep adding more online offerings. Join our email list to be kept posted about them! And of course we look forward to a future session of YEA Camp in person.

Our Purpose

YEA Camp has been running life-changing summer camps for more than a decade, yet we exist not just to run summer camps.

YEA Camp trains and develops more effective activists to bring about social justice.  We use the term "more effective" both to mean that we seek to train more activists and that we train them to be more effective. 

As we adjust to changing times, we are creating new ways to fulfill our mission.

To learn more about our programs, sign up for our e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

With love and kindness,
The YEA Team

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