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Organization to know: Peta2

Organization to Know PETA2 is the largest youth animal rights group in the world, and it provides practical resources on everything from getting more vegetarian options in your cafeteria to cutting out dissection to fun contests, games, and t shirts, to interviews with your favorite bands and celebrities. We love that PETA2 also provides students with resources…

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Activist Profile: Bianca V., Animal Advocate Extraordinaire

Bianca of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, attended YEA Camp in 2010 at the age of 14. She has accomplished so much in the past year and a half for animals, we are blown away. Right after YEA Camp, she started a school club called Hearts for Animals. Their first year, they raised over $1000 for their…

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Activist Tip: Turn Complaints Into Requests

Turn your complaints into requests to bring about change. If you’re not sure what activist issue to work on, notice what you are complaining about since you obviously care about that. Usually what causes things to change is not complaining but thinking about who has the power to make a key decision and then making direct…

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