Changemakers Challenge (1)

Take Our Class Now to Make a Difference for the Future

In these uncertain times when many of us are stuck at home, YEA Camp is offering our brand new Changemakers Challenge to support you in making a bigger impact for your community and the world.

The Changemakers Challenge is designed for people ages 12+ through adult who want to get started or get serious taking action on a cause they care about and to connect with a community of like-minded people during this time of "social distancing."

Whether you're passionate about protecting the environment or animals, advocating for equality, or just people being kinder to each other, this 5-day 1 hour a day challenge will help you get active in a way that inspires you.

For more than a decade, YEA Camp has been training aspiring changemakers young and old to make a difference on the causes they care about. Our campers have gone on to do amazing things that they say would not have happened if they hadn't attended YEA Camp.

Now, for the first time, we're bringing our program to you online. Because we could all use a little help making a big difference.

We are currently offering an Intro Changemakers Challenge class, and we will be adding more soon! Sign up here to get emails about upcoming programs!

In 1 hour + short challenges each day, you will:

  • Learn about different problems in the world and what you can do about them.
  • Choose a cause you're most passionate about and focus on it.
  • Connect with other people and organizations who care and can support you.
  • Improve your self-confidence in cultivating a positive mental attitude.
  • Create an action plan to make a difference in a way that inspires you.
  • Laugh, learn, connect, and feel proud of yourself for being someone who makes the world a better place.

Structure of all of our Changemakers Challenge classes

We will meet everyday online Monday - Friday for a week using the free platform Zoom at the dates and times below. You can call in by phone for audio, or from the Zoom app or computer by video. While of course we'd love to have you on in real time with us for each call, recordings will be available throughout the week in case you join late or miss a day.

How to Register

To make the trainings as accessible as possible, this is a donation-based program. There are 2 steps to register. Once we've received both your donation and registration form, we'll email you with the details to get on the call.

  1. Make your donation here. Pay what you can! As a small nonprofit, we appreciate your generosity and welcome those of all incomes to join us.
  2. Fill out the form below so we can learn more about you and prepare for you to join us.


"The online class was amazing! We talked about what our IOI or Issue of Importance was, how to solve it, and so much more. The class was informative and I think that this helped everyone on the call to further accomplish their hopes of becoming a Changemaker."
-Bela, age 11 (We make exceptions for mature 11-year-olds!)

"YEA Camp's Changemakers Challenge was a great experience for me. I learned how to communicate effectively without arguing, and how to organize my research well. I love [online] YEA Camp because it has helped me become a better activist. I am more passionate about my topic because of the detailed research I have done." - Clara, 12


Have any questions? Message us at We can't wait to take our Changemakers Challenge with you together.