BUZZFEED Video About YEA Camp Already Has 75,000+ Views!

This week the massively popular digital media company Buzzfeed released a video about YEA Camp!

Buzzfeed’s huge reach meant that the one-minute video got more than 15,000 views in its first hour of posting and over 75,000 views in the first 48 hours!

If you click on the video below, your like, comment, or share will help even more people see it.









While the video and the number of views is a huge win to help so many people learn about us, maybe the most exciting thing about it for us is how many of our campers, staff, parents, and supporters posted truly inspiring comments on the post, which of course also helped with Facebook’s algorithms to enable even more people to see it.

We posted it to our social media and parent and camper alumni groups and asked folks to share and add any comments about their experience, and while we already have amazing testimonials from so many people who have attended YEA Camp, these were truly inspiring to us.

Check out just some of the amazing things folks from our community said:

We’re not crying — you’re crying!!

It was fitting that these comments were from people from so many different sessions of YEA Camp because the video included footage from several different camp sessions from over the years.

The video not only shows the benefits of going to YEA Camp as a teen, but it highlights YEA Camp’s newest endeavor — YEA Camp for Adults!

The impact of a social justice immersion experience like YEA Camp reaches far beyond its participants because attendees of YEA Camp go on to make major changes in their communities, whether in climate change, human rights issues, animal rights, or whatever issue they choose.

With so many problems in our world, we need more people making a bigger difference.

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