Leadership Camp for Teen Activists Comes to Southern California

YEA Camp is a summer leadership camp for teen activists.

Since 2009, Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp, a summer camp for social change, has been holding life-changing overnight camps for youth across the country. This summer, for the first time, YEA Camp will be holding a session in Southern California, in the beautiful Angeles National Forest.

Pressed by the current political climate, young people all across the country, and especially in California, are getting more and more engaged in social issues. They are walking out of school, marching in the streets, and making their voices heard on political issues. They are taking a stand against racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, and in support of immigrants, equality, health care, the environment, and animal rights.

YEA Campers from all over the country attended Women’s Marches, the day after Inauguration Day.

Supporting activist-minded progressive teens is the whole reason for YEA Camp’s existence, and moving to a bigger location just outside Los Angeles will help YEA Camp serve even more young people.

At YEA Camp, young people ages 12-17 choose an issue they are most passionate about, what the camp calls their Issue of Importance (IOI), and throughout the week campers develop knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to help them make a bigger difference when they go home.

Campers have gone on to start school clubs to improve student self-esteem, rally and fundraise for organizations they support, go to Standing Rock, and so much more. In fact, YEA Camp recently successfully nominated 3 former campers for $1000 Pollination Project grants to help them expand on their food justice activism work, and all 3 were funded!

YEA Camp helps young people who know they want to make a difference figure out what to do, or to take what they are already doing to the next level. By the end of camp, everyone creates an action plan for what they intend to do when they go home. Check out many testimonials from past campers here. Here’s one we really love from 13-year-old rockstar YEA Camper Ananya.

YEA Camp’s California camp will be held August 6-13 in Wrightwood, CA, approximately an hour north of Pasadena.

In addition to the west coast session, for the sixth year in a row, YEA Camp will hold sessions on the east coast as well, with a camp in Massachusetts from July 9-16, and a camp in New York from July 23-30, a session especially for animal advocates.

“There is so much that each one of us can do to make a difference in the world,” said YEA Camp Founder and Director Nora Kramer. “It’s so inspiring to see our campers find their voice and get active on causes they believe in. We’re thrilled to be offering this session just outside Los Angeles and to be able to serve more campers than ever before.”

Space is still available for each session, though space is limited. To learn more about YEA Camp, visit www.yeacamp.org.

To learn more about YEA Camp, visit www.yeacamp.org.