YEA Campers Show Up In Force for Women’s March All Over the Country

Last summer, in honor of July 4, YEA Camp held a special mock election, preceded by mock debates, with each major candidate portrayed by campers making their pitch for voters. The camper portraying now-President Trump issued a disclaimer apologizing for what she was about to say, stating that she believed it to be highly offensive and actually difficult for her to bring herself to say.

For those who know anything about YEA Camp, a summer camp for social change, it should be no surprise that when our campers’ votes were tallied at the end, our current president didn’t just lose the popular vote. It was unanimous. He received zero votes.

YEA Camp is for 12-17 year-olds who care about social justice issues like racism, poverty, gay rights, women’s equality, the environment, animal rights, and more. They expressed significant concerns about the prospect of a Trump presidency’s effect on all of these causes.

Fast forward to the day after Inauguration Day, and we were proud to see dozens of YEA Campers attend Women’s Marches across the country.

Take a look at just some of the YEA Campers who participated.


Former YEA Camper and now YEA staffer Shelby at the LA march.

Check out Shelby’s blog post”When They Go Low… We Get Involved!”, about her experience at the march!

YEA Campers Perry and Samantha met up at the Santa Cruz march.

YEA Camper Kailey (right) and friend at the Dallas march

YEA Camper Jake sporting his YEA Camp t-shirt at the St. Louis march.

Paula attending her first march, at the Women’s March in San Jose, CA.

Check out Paula’s blog post, “How My First March Restored My Faith in Gender Equality,” about her experience attending the march!

YEA Camper Grace attended the rainy march in Portland, Oregon.


YEA Camper Amanda with her signs for the Cleveland march. #intersectionalfeminism

Drake’s little brother Dax (future YEACamper!) with the sign he made for the Charlotte march!

YEA Camper Drake with environmental activist racecar driver Leilani Munter at the Charlotte march.


Former YEA Camp Assistant Director Laura (a science teacher) with her kids — future YEA Campers! — at the Portland march.

YEA Camper Elisha in the middle (you can’t read it, but we recognize that she’s wearing her YEA Camp “This is what an activist looks like” t-shirt!) on the way to the Seattle march.


Former YEA Camper Jacob (all grown up with a beard!) at the Women’s March in DC

This is just a sampling of some of the YEA Campers who attended Women’s Marches across the country (and took and shared selfies with us!), and this is just a drop in the activist ocean of young people getting activated for change!

If you know a 12-17-year-old who attended the march or cares deeply about some of the important social issues of our time, YEA Camp is the place for them to be this summer! Nominate a camper here, or just send them to our website to learn more!

Thanks to YEA Campers for inspiring our hope for the future!

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