YEA Campers Love Turkeys!

bizaro-thanksgivingThanksgiving is often happily referred to as “Turkey Day,” but many people have never actually considered the turkey.


Turkeys are much more complex animals than most people give them credit for. They are friendly, loving animals and of comparable intelligence to the dogs and cats so many of us care about. Unfortunately, though, they are not protected by the same animal cruelty laws, and about 40 million of them are treated miserably and killed horrifically for Thanksgiving dinners across the US.


At YEA Camp, we attract some of the most kind-hearted teens on the planet: changemakers who care about animals, the environment, and all people (who are animals too!). This Thanksgiving we are remembering our New York session of camp, held at the inspirational Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, where our campers have loved meeting, hugging, and even massaging(!) the sanctuary’s turkeys, who are living life in paradise after suffering miserably on factory farms.

In honor of Thanksgiving, we are reflecting on our campers who this summer got to see turkeys as friends, not food.



We are grateful for everyone who is celebrating a compassionate “Happy Turkey Day” today — perhaps enjoying a delicious Tofurky or other delicious cruelty-free main dishes. And of course amazing side dishes too!

If you are a 12-17 year-old who cares about animals and would want to join us at YEA Camp this summer, we will be opening up registration next week — including an “early bird” special (no pun intended!) for the month of December.