TAKE OUR QUIZ: Should you work at a life-changing leadership camp for teens changing the world?



Take our quiz to see if you should apply to work at our life-changing summer camp for social change!

1. Want to help some of the best teenagers and/or adults have a super inspiring experience with amazing staff in a beautiful location this summer? Do you want to be an important part of a program training and supporting the next generation of changemakers addressing the pressing issues of our time?

2. Are you a dedicated progressive activist working in positive, peaceful, strategic ways to make our world a better place? Do you have experience in lots of different types of activism and are you supportive of a variety of progressive issues, including gun control, animal rights, climate change, anti-racism, women’s rights/pro-choice, and gay rights? Can you model being respectful of people who disagree with you? (No angry activists, please.)

3. Do you have experience working with teenagers (either at camps, as a teacher, or other youth programs) and want to mentor and support inspired young people who want to make a big difference in the world?

4. Are you comfortable as a teacher, facilitator, or public speaker to be in front of the room, direct a group of people in a loud enough voice, and lead activities in an engaging way?

5. Are you self aware, having overcome challenges and done work on yourself, and willing to go out of your comfort zone to be a role model for campers to overcome their own obstacles and move beyond their fears?

unnamed (4)6. Are you willing to be silly enough to lead goofy name games, play “Big Booty” (don’t worry, we’ll teach you — and despite its ridiculous name, it’s totally camp appropriate!), and get down at the dance party, and are you also open-hearted enough to really share yourself in our community in a way that makes it safe for campers to be themselves and feel accepted?

7. Do you have great judgment to ensure safety such that parents would be thrilled to have you look after their kids?

8. Are you a good communicator and committed to de-escalating conflict to help ensure a great experience for everyone at YEA Camp? Our staff needs to be grounded and supportive so we can create the container to enable the whole camp to be successful in achieving our goals.

558188_10151287769019698_1016844318_n (1)9. Does eating kid-friendly mostly organic, vegan meals prepared with love by amazing chefs (which we are now hiring for! Maybe this is you?!) sound delicious to you? (Gluten- and allergy-free, etc., available as needed.)

10. Are you available this summer to work at one or more of our week-long camps, as well as attend a 4-day staff training immediately before, in New York, Massachusetts, or California on these dates?


Er, actually, we got so excited that we maybe got a little ahead of ourselves. We mean you should apply right away to work at YEA Camp this summer! 🙂

Take a look at our detailed job descriptions here and apply this instant! Or at your earliest convenience! We can’t wait to hear from and hopefully work with you this summer.

10551097_10152603802116462_4051281594581897058_nFor more information about YEA Camp, visit www.yeacamp.org.

Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Please spread the word by sharing this blog post with others who would love to work with us or to attend as a teen or adult camper!

Thanks so much for your interest in YEA Camp! We hope to hear from you soon and to work with you this summer!