Help YEA Camp Say YES!

12377951_10154466073269698_8479935516608177302_oHappy holidays, all!

This time of year, as we’ve just announced our dates for next summer, we are already getting scholarship requests from amazing teens around the country, and we want to say YES to all of them.

We are working on an online course for youth activists, teaching a mini course on activism at a Bay Area school, redoing our website, supporting our past campers in their activism, planning for 2016, launching our new camper-led blog, and more – and we are saying YES!

11834743_10153198212076843_4330414582553376277_o (1)But we need your help to say YES to so many wonderful opportunities to support young activists in making a difference.

How can you help? We’re glad you asked! Here’s a few ideas!

  1. You can make a donation! If you can’t afford much, you can even make a monthly donation of a smaller amount, or if you can afford more, even better!
  2. Can’t contribute yourself or want to do even more? Become a YEA Camp Hero and create an online fundraising page for others to donate to. Simply go to this page and click the big “FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN” button and you’ll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our team. Write a bit about why you feel people should donate to YEA Camp and then share the page with as many people as you can!
  3. Make a short video about your experience at or with YEA Camp and share it in your page and on your social media or email! Include a link to your fundraising page. Check out Ananya’s awesome video as an example![wpvideo gdklUgxa]
  4. Plan a fundraising event! Some ideas include:
    -A fundraising dinner — invite people to your house for dinner (maybe a simple pasta or a potluck) and charge an entry fee, say $15, to go toward YEA Camp. Give a short talk about YEA Camp and ask people to give, and you can raise even more money!
    -A garage sale, with the proceeds going to YEA Camp
    -A bake sale, of course – yum!
    -A volunteer-a-thon – get people to pledge to donate money towards your volunteer efforts and donate it to YEA Camp! It could be a run, volunteering at your local shelter, or anything else that inspires you.

Your donation is a way to pay what you got out of YEA Camp forward and helps so much to support and grow our YEA Camp community!

With so much gratitude for all of you who have helped YEA Camp make a big impact for so many young leaders,

Nora + Team YEA Camp