World-Changing Summer Camp Hiring Superstar Vegan Chefs

10347564_10153055801904698_2752613112238248969_nAre you a talented vegan chef who wouldn’t mind spending some time this summer having one of the most inspiring experiences of your life with some of the best people on the planet? Then this post is for you.

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is an incredible week-long overnight social justice summer camp for 12-17 year-olds who want to change the world, and we attract some of the most awesome teenagers and staff members you will ever have the pleasure of feeding.

10410318_10153070147004698_3856087990154444294_n (1)We feel it would be hypocritical to spend our week working for a more peaceful and sustainable world and then feast on a standard American diet (SAD!), so we serve food that is vegan, fair-trade, mostly organic and local when possible, and 100% delicious. We gotta keep our kids (many of whom are not veg) full and happy!

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Our camps are held in beautiful locations in northern California, Oregon, and New York, though we attract campers and staff from all over the country to attend our unique camps. Check out our dates for each location here — and note that we have a 4-day staff training you’d need to attend immediately before each session.

Our food is kid-friendly vegan versions of camp food — tacos, sloppy Joe’s, veggie burgers, pizza, and of course yummy desserts. Find out more about our food here. We’ve got past menus and recipes you can follow or you can incorporate your own favorites.

558188_10151287769019698_1016844318_n (1)For each of our sessions, we are hiring a head chef who must have experience cooking for groups of 50 or more, and assistant chefs who enjoy cooking but don’t have that level of experience.

Must also have:

  • positive friendly attitude
  • good communication skills
  • desire to support young advocates
  • commitment to social change

See our job descriptions here. To apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and 2 references to To learn more about YEA Camp, visit

Hope to see you, work with you, and eat your amazing creations this summer!