Top 3 Reasons to Donate to YEA Camp! Help Make Our Dream Work!

10849967_620583754737833_8603495999500836530_n (1)YEA Camp is a summer camp for social change. We train and support youth activists to go home and make a difference in the world — and they do! People like 12-year-old Megan in Massachusetts raising money for the homeless, 14-year-old Joyce in New Jersey speaking about about bullying, 15-year-old Maddie in Colorado advocating for animals, and 17-year-old Lia from Washington working to prevent teen suicide — all of whom credit YEA Camp for much of their activism.

But those were 4 campers. What are the best 3 reasons to make a tax-deductible donation to YEA Camp? Glad you asked.

  1. joyceYou get big, world-changing bang for your buck. Most of our campers are at a place in their lives where, without training and encouragement, they simply won’t pursue an activist path. Our society just gives people too many reasons not to. But after YEA Camp, so many of our campers do amazing things – from getting recycling bins at their school to raising funds for an important cause to speaking up when hearing racist or homophobic comments – things they tell us they wouldn’t have done if not for YEA Camp. And they do this for years to come. How much is that worth?
  2. 10628428_10152386090906843_8257477074446619749_n (1)You are contributing to the expansion of a sorely needed, truly innovative program. We are facing a world dealing with mostly ignoring climate change, poverty, racism, cruelty to animals, gun violence, and so many other critical issues, yet schools do hardly anything to train youth in how to address these issues. And most public schools certainly don’t actively build youth self-esteem or create a supportive community to encourage them to speak up for what’s important to them. It’s not surprising we have such apathetic adults. We need programs like YEA Camp to expand and be available to millions of students in schools across the country.
  3. dreamworkAnyone who wants to make a difference deserves the resources to become an effective activist. It is extremely important to us that our program is diverse and that the skills, training, and confidence building that YEA Camp offers is available to any progressive, passionate teen who wants to attend. In fact, those without the financial means to pay the tuition might benefit the most from the program. YEA Camp has never turned a camper away for lack of funds, and that is only possible thanks to the scholarship funds that we raise from supporters like you.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to support YEA Camp here. Thank you so much!