This #ThankfulThursday Thanksgiving, YEA Camp Is Thankful for Tofurky!

As part of our #ThankfulThursdays series, we thought it was only fitting to express our gratitude on this Thanksgiving Thursday to Tofurky – a company whose delicious vegan meals are providing an alternative for people around the country today who want to spare turkeys from suffering in order for people to give thanks. And a company that has supported YEA Camp from the beginning!

10522465_10153056321229698_6210808081447660525_nFrom our first year in 2009, when we had no history, no testimonials or pictures or proof for parents that the camp would be amazing, we were basically begging for campers to attend. Most of them were on large scholarships or came for free. We had no funding, and our staff all volunteered. Part of what made it possible for us to run the camp was getting in-kind donations from food suppliers, and nobody was more generous than Tofurky.

1175137_10151973009608646_430291806_nStill today, as demand for our camps has grown, in-kind donations help us keep our prices down and enable us to offer generous financial aid to those who need it.

Every year, Tofurky has supplied us with such generous amounts of deli slices at each of our sessions that our first few years we actually “paid” our staff in leftover Tofurky! Our campers love it, and they also love that Tofurky supplies us with super fun temporary tattoos and Tofurky logo t-shirts with the lovable Tofurky logo.

Tofurky is an ethical, sustainable, socially responsible company whose very existence makes it easier and more delicious to be vegetarian – on Thanksgiving and everyday – and spares millions of animals a life of misery on a factory farm. We couldn’t be more grateful to have their support and to serve their products at YEA Camp.

Thank you, Tofurky!