In Honor of #ThankfulThursday We Are Extra Grateful for Ed Yaffa!

225871_2060728360609_4093962_nAs part of our created new tradition of reflecting on who we are thankful for each Thursday, YEA Camp is extremely grateful for Ed Yaffa! Not only has Ed been a donor to YEA Camp and offered many great ideas and input to help us grow, Ed has helped keep our website up and updated, pro bono, and has kept us sane and calm even in moments where it would make sense to panic. (Ed likes to keep a low profile, so see one of his avatars here.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.34.46 PMEd is who we’ve reached out to with requests to make what we think is a “quick, simple” change on our website when we’ve needed something that is beyond our capabilities, only to find out that it’s 6 hours worth of work, which Ed did right away. Ed is who we call frantically when we think we know how to do something a little more complicated in updating our website, and then we realize all of the links to the site no longer work (yes, that happened – woops!), and he reassures us not to worry and fixes it right away. And Ed  prettied up our website, making it easier to navigate and easier on the eye.

Ed is a longtime committed activist and supporter of important causes, and so we feel all the more grateful that he has devoted so much time to helping YEA Camp in so many different ways. Thank you for everything, Ed! We are extremely thankful for you – and we promise after this past week not to bother you for a long time!