#ThankfulThursdays: YEA Camp Is Thankful for Sophie O’Shaugnessy

168261_494115567269_4638714_nSophie O’Shaugnessy loves YEA Camp about as much as YEA Camp loves her – which is to say A LOT! As a friend of YEA Camp’s founder Nora Kramer since the days when Nora was still working out the plans and developing the courage to launch, Sophie has championed YEA Camp since before it even existed – and she’s kept on championing us as we have grown. We are so thankful for her!

Sophie is committed to bringing about a better world, and she does her part everyday.1929188_1128302727531_2135554_n As a nurse practitioner working at a clinic with low-income patients, Sophie not only provides stellar medical care, she also provides holistic guidance encouraging her patients to eat more healthfully and sustainably. As a volunteer, she has launched fundraisers for Puppies Behind Bars, worked hard to get President Obama into office, has supported a youth empowerment program in Haiti, and has even given the powerful book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer to dozens of friends as gifts — among many other acts of change.

Every year YEA Camp has existed, Sophie has made a financial contribution to our work, but just as importantly, she offers her words and love to appreciate us with her gratitude and support for our efforts.

10662155_10205120090701663_1860584263039139631_oThank you so much for your continuous support of YEA Camp, Sophie, and for all you do to make our world a better place! WE LOVE YOU! YEA CAMP <3 SOPHIE!

Who are you grateful for? Share your #ThankfulThursday story!