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Longtime YEA Camper Receives 2012 Humane Student of the Year Award

We are so excited and proud that longtime YEA Camper Jasmine Caruk has been recognized by the nonprofit organization AnimaLearn for her outstanding efforts to speak up for animals used for dissection. Jasmine was selected as the recipient of the 2012 Humane Student of the Year Award in part as a result of her testimony…

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Longtime YEA Camper Recognized by The Oregonian for Her Activism

We were thrilled to see YEA Camper Tegan Waring get well-deserved media attention from The Oregonian — the largest newspaper in the state — for the inspiring activism she has been doing! Tegan, who was a camper at the Oregon YEA Camp in 2010 and 2011 and a counselor in training in 2012, is one of…

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Inspiring YEA Camper Updates!

There are many ways we measure the success of YEA Camp. We look at testimonials, evaluations, and other factors, but ultimately YEA Camp is really all about what our campers do after camp is over. After all, our goal is to turn campers’ passion into action to make a better world. Every month, our campers update…

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