Oregon Camp Session 2!

We have 20 new campers here at our lovely spot in Corbett, OR for session two, where a mama deer and her fawn are seen, and though the weather has oscillated from hot to rainy, we have remained steadfast in our goals to equip campers with the skills, knowledge, confidence and community to make a difference!

Among the Issues of Importance (IOI’s) this week are: animal rights, bullying, racism in school, media’s effect on girls, promoting civic engagement, making communities safer for transgender and non-gender conforming people, water rights and bottle bans, implementing city-wide composting and recycling, preventing domestic abuse, and more! It is SO inspiring to the staff to see all these young people who are passionate about creating a more just world!

We had a birthday for one camper, Destiny, and we had a great time celebrating.  There was a two layer cake and a different birthday song for every meal. We’re not sure who had more fun, the birthday girl or the staff!

This group of campers is so impressive in their tremendous thoughtfulness and focus. The comments and questions in the workshops are insightful and advance the conversation to new heights.

Campers chose their mentors yesterday, and today we are focusing on the rest of our critical skill building like fundraising and utilizing social media. Tomorrow we bring it all together with the creation of our Youtube videos, petitions on change.org, and finalizing action plans. We look forward to a campfire to finish up tomorrow, and then wrap up on Friday when campers can go home and apply what they have learned here!

It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of these amazing youth.

Some highlights:

Rory, resident plant expert, explains hike

 Campers share their meaningful item

 Birthday girl!

 Tegan’s 3rd summer with YEA, she is a Counselor in Training