YEA Camp Takes Manhattan!

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp founder and executive director Nora Kramer has been spending the last few weeks before camp starts in New York City, where she has been exposing a whole new group of people to YEA Camp, which is expanding to the east coast with a camp in New Jersey for the first time this year.

Nora was a speaker at The Seed, a conference about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and she moderated a panel called Raising Vegan Kids, where she spoke about ways parents can support their teens who are interested in getting involved in activism and social change. Dozens of people who visited the YEA Camp booth were interested in learning more about the program, the details for their children to attend, or working at or volunteering with YEA. This was a great opportunity for us to become more well known in an area that we did not have a presence in until recently.

Nora is also adjunct faculty for The Main Street Vegan Academy, a program for people to be trained as vegan lifestyle coaches. Nora spoke about effective communication principles for vegan activists and highlighted the importance of being kind, non-judgmental, and recognizing the blocks people often have to hearing a message of compassion, sustainability, and health.

Nora was also interviewed by a number of blogs who are interested in learning more about YEA Camp. We’ll publicize them on our Media page when they are up.

While all of YEA Camp’s food is vegan, and we draw interest from vegan individuals and organizations who find out about us because of our food, the purpose of YEA Camp is to support teens in making a difference on social justice issues of importance to them. YEA believes any effort to bring about a socially just and sustainable world is undone by the Standard American Diet.

Visit to find out more about YEA Camp’s program, some of the amazing projects our campers have taken on, and dates and details to register for this summer.