YEA Camper applications are so inspiring!

One of our favorite parts of getting ready for YEA Camp is reading our campers’ applications. We keep the application process pretty simple, but we do ask each prospective camper why they want to attend, what they care about, and what they hope to accomplish out of being there. Check out just a few of their inspiring comments, and invite any 12-17 year olds you know to think about what they might hope to get out of a summer camp designed to help them change the world! Then send them to our 2 minute video and to

“I am just starting to see that my friends and I need to get involved
in our school, our community, and the world. I think YEA Camp is good
place to start learning what needs to be done, what my role should be,
how to get involved, and how do I get my friends to join in. At YEA
camp, I want to learn about social justice. By attending YEA camp, I
hope to learn enough about environmental preservation, animal
protection, human rights, and cultural issues so that I can take
action and help make a difference.”

I would like to come to YEA camp because there are alot of things that I would change in the world and I never thought I would get a chance to learn how. I would like to learn how to change major problems that are happening in modern day, for example; poverty, war, racism and homework [LOL!]. I would like to learn how to stand up to issues I dont like and I would like to have fun.” 

“My intentions of coming to YEA camp are rather simple ones, I need to
be around other people like me. my friends are not vegan/vegetarian
and, they care not for the welfare of the creatures around them. they
eat animals without a second thought. though I have tried to help them
see it my way their response is always the same “it tastes good” I
eventually just gave up. at times it seems that finding a single
person with a conscience is impossible. but if I go to this camp I
know that wont be the case.”

“The issues in the world that I am most passionate about are animal rights and saving the planet (‘going green’). I have always loved animals and over the past few years that has intensified. As I have educated myself, I feel disgusted at the thought of eating, wearing, experimenting on, and abusing them in anyway. I cannot fathom how some can justify these things. I want to gain the confidence in myself to take action to prevent animal cruelty. In addition, I have cared about being green for as long as I can remember, and I would like to become an environmentalist today- in my youth- (besides simply recycling and turning off the lights) becuase I believe that when it comes to saving the planet, action must be taken immediately.”

Think about how inspiring it is to be at a camp with 25 other young people and 8 more adults who care this passionately about making the world a better place, and where the curriculum is specifically designed to help each person make as big a difference as possible on issues they care about! Check out our 2 minute video and share with those who might be interested in joining us in California, Oregon, or New Jersey this summer!