Activist Tip: Use Social Media as a Tool for Activism

We just discovered this new website called Facebook. Have you heard of it? We think it’s gonna catch on. Just kidding! But do you know what an amazing tool it is for activists?

Activists can use it to:
-learn about important events happening right now
-follow organizations we support
-share news articles, pictures, and videos to inform others
-create and invite people to events
-post comments on the pages of companies we want to influence
-meet other activists
-start or join a group
-start a Cause to fundraise
-to start a revolution! Check out the story of the revolution in Egypt that was launched by a young woman’s Facebook post!
If you are just using Facebook to play games, answer questions, or update friends on how bored you are, you are not taking advantage of this incredible resource for changing the world!

Just recently, the Kony2012 campaign used social media to maximize the reach of their message about the horrific Ugandan leader Joseph Kony, and the video has been seen by over 85 million people(!), spreading the campaign’s message faster and wider than could have ever been done in the days before Facebook and Twitter.
This campaign is an example of how much opportunity we have at this time to connect to the world. Over the past decade, electronic media has become a major way many people communicate — whether it is email, Facebook, Twitter,  YouTube, blogging, or other methods of communicating online with your social network —  there is no doubt of social media’s power to reach and influence many more people than ever before. Nonprofits are now maximizing these tools to make a difference, and the Invisible Children campaign is an example of what can be done.

With a 30-minute video attracting so much attention around the globe about this single issue, think about how you can use Facebook for the cause you care most about. Each time you post an informative video, a thought-provoking article, or an inspiring event on your Facebook or other social media, you help raise awareness and encourage others to take action. So, when you are online, instead of posting about your favorite TV show or complaining about school, why not put an inspirational quote? Instead of sitting on the couch playing video games, why not search for videos on the Internet that can educate your peers about an important topic? You can even invite people to get involved in a campaign by posting an online petition or action alert. The Internet has the power to change the world. Find something that inspires you and share it!