Activist Tip: Bring leaflets about your cause wherever you go

Have you ever been talking to someone about an issue you care about and felt frustrated because they didn’t believe you, or because you didn’t remember some of the details or know how to explain it well? Carrying a few flyers in your bag can really help back up what you are saying, or even do the talking for you. If someone sees something in writing, and with compelling pictures, from a trusted organization,  it instantly adds credibility to your case — and handing over a brochure can give you confidence to present important information about your cause without feeling you need to explain everything in just the perfect way.

Most nonprofit organizations will send you free copies of their flyers (though if you can afford to make a donation or to pay for them, please do). You can find leaflets about any issue. You can put leaflets out at local stores, cafes, the library, doctors’ offices, or other places that have a community bulletin board or shelf for information. What an easy form of activism that can impact a lot of people, and that you can do at your own pace when it is convenient for you!

If you really want to reach a lot of people, you can order a larger quantity of leaflets and give them out at your school, at a busy local event or neighborhood, or at a location related to your issue, like passing out flyers about the cruelty of fur outside a store that sells it. The organization Vegan Outreach even has a campaign called Adopt A College, in which it works with activists to pass out leaflets about vegetarianism at colleges around the country.

To get started, choose an issue you care about and find a flyer about it that explains it clearly and gives people a “call to action” so they know what they can do to help. Email the organization to ask them to send you some flyers, and while you’re at it order a pin, sticker, or t-shirt to spark conversations. Let us know how it goes!