Organization To Know: Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood operates more than 800 health centers in almost every state that provide low-cost health care services for women and teens, including birth control, sex education, pregnancy testing, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood also provides abortion services, which makes it the target of a lot of people who want to outlaw abortion.

Planned Parenthood was in the news recently when The Susan G. Komen Foundation decided to end its funding of Planned Parenthood. Thousands of people around the country spoke out against this decision, which led to Komen reversing their decision! This just shows the power people have when we speak out in large numbers for what we believe in.

Visit Planned Parenthood’s Action Center to learn how you can volunteer in your area or to sign up for their action alerts for their campaigns. And check out YEA Camper Deborah’s efforts to support Planned Parenthood!