We have so many campers coming to YEA Camp - NY from out of the area that we are offering a shuttle service for those flying in who otherwise would not be able to attend.

In order to account for long cross-country flights, time differences, and possible delays, we are offering a shuttle service the day before camp so that everyone can arrive in plenty of time for when YEA Camp officially begins.

YEA Camp begins on July 17, when we ask campers to arrive between 11-1.

For campers taking the shuttle, they should arrive at LaGuardia Airport on July 16 between 2-5pm. To be safe, return flights should leave no earlier than 6pm from LaGuardia on July 24th.

At the time of your arrival, we will have 2 YEA staff members waiting at baggage claim for your airline, and once everyone arrives we'll take a shuttle from the airport that will go directly to camp, about a 2-hour ride.

Our entire staff will be there at camp to supervise, and we will of course provide dinner, lodging, and breakfast in the morning. It'll be fun! (But you'll have to excuse or join us if we're still decorating!)


The shuttle will cost $75-100 each way, depending on how many campers take it.

LaGuardia is an easy airport to find one another.

Upon landing, you can call or text our staff member (we'll email you their info) or just head to the baggage claim meeting area for your flight. Each baggage claim has a sign marked "Meeting Point" for the airlines it serves. Easy peezy! 🙂

We'll get your flight info ahead of time, so a member of our team will be there waiting to meet you and take you to camp!

You won't need any money for the trip, which will need to be paid for on our site ahead of time (we'll be adding that info here soon), but bringing some money for snacks is always a good idea since we won't be eating dinner until 7 or 8.



When we get to camp, we will:

  • Unload all your stuff, give you a tour, and show you to your cabin
  • Have dinner
  • Introduce you to the rest of our amazing staff
  • Hang out for a bit because we'll all be excited for camp
  • Go to sleep (everyone will have had a long day!) to get ready for the first official day of camp to start in the morning!

Please note that we only offer this shuttle service to campers who are flying in from out of the area. If you live in the Tri-State Area, or if you're otherwise looking for help with a ride to camp, let us know and we may be able to connect you with another family to carpool with from your area. 

Have questions about the shuttle service? Reach out to us and we'll happily answer them.

We can't wait to meet you at camp!