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Another Amazing YEA Camp Summer Training Young Activists Online

We’re so proud to share that another amazing summer of YEA Camp is in the (history) books! Given the continued uncertainty and risks of Covid, and how great Virtual YEA Camp was last  year, we felt good about our choice to hold YEA Camp virtually again — and it turned out great! All in all,…

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A Different Approach to Self-Care for Activists in the Age of Trump

By Nora Kramer Even if you’re lucky enough not to be targeted directly, just watching the news or even our social media feeds these days bring a daily assault on so many issues progressives care about: human rights and equality, environmental protection, animal welfare, and the state of our democracy and our discourse, for starters.…

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This High School Sophomore Is Urging You to Get Serious On Earth Day

By Ananya Singh Happy Earth Day! Each year, as this time rolls around, people gather to celebrate the beauty of nature and our environment. It is the perfect time to learn more about the biggest environmental issues that we are facing and work on taking action! I’ve gone vegan, learned about climate change, joined organizations…

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How I Learned to Give a Cluck

By Lizzy Ellis A gentle fall breeze cascades down my driveway. As I get off the bus, Lightning the chicken waddles over, scattering the leaves as she goes. I lean down and she hops right up onto my shoulder. Together, we walk up the driveway in the dappled sunlight. But my journey with Lightning began…

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Leadership Camp for Teen Activists Comes to Southern California

Since 2009, Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp, a summer camp for social change, has been holding life-changing overnight camps for youth across the country. This summer, for the first time, YEA Camp will be holding a session in Southern California, in the beautiful Angeles National Forest. Pressed by the current political climate, young people all across…

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Inspired Teens Lead Walk to End Slavery

Sixteen-year-old Katy Foley describes her inspiring work with the group Youth Ending Slavery.

Many people don’t realize that slavery still exists and is a far too prevalent injustice in our world today. This is an atrocity not to be misconstrued as solely an issue of the past or a crime of developing countries.

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