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YEA Camp's leadership + activism training will help you get started or get serious making a difference on the social justice causes you care about


VIRTUALLY - JULY 11-15, 2022 - over Zoom


What if you could spend a week of your summer learning to make a HUGE difference in the world, while also meeting amazing like-minded friends, finding your voice, and having a super fun time all at once? 

Join some of the most amazing humans you'll ever meet (from across the US + beyond!) for a week you'll never forget!

*Btw, we pronounce "YEA" to rhyme with "hey," and "hey hey YEA Camp" is how we get your attention at camp, so you may as well start getting used to it!

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Are you as concerned about the state of our world as we are?

There are problems everywhere you look. We're obsessed with addressing social justice issues like racism and gender equality, climate change, poverty, animal rights, gun violence, and sadly a lot more. We think it's up to all of us to do something about the problems we face. 

But it can be really hard to know where to begin or how to deal with the many questions and challenges that come up along your change-making path. 

That's where YEA Camp comes in. Our mission is to help more people make a bigger difference.

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a summer camp for social change. 

We'll train you in what you need to know to make a difference on the causes you care about, which is serious stuff.

But we're also a camp, so (if it's OK with you) you'll also make great friends and have lots of fun too!

We help 12-17 year-olds from all over the country (and even other countries!) make a difference on a cause they care about -- all while having one of the best experiences of their life.

If you're concerned about the problems in our world and want to learn how you can help solve them, YEA Camp is meant for you!

See you this summer?
YEA staff

Our campers tell us that YEA Camp changed their life

Since 2009, we've trained over 1,500 aspiring activists to make a bigger impact on the social justice causes they care about.

At YEA Camp, you can expect to:

  • Learn more about the problems in the world and what you can do about them
  • Build skills to actually make a difference
  • Develop confidence in yourself to get started or get serious
  • Connect with a community that cares just as much as you do
  • Do fun stuff like play games, make art, kayak, swim, or just hang out with new friends
  • Go home inspired with lifelong memories, belief in yourself, and hope for the future

“Words cannot describe how fun and life-changing this experience has been. Before this camp, my dream to end bullying at my school was dead and seemed unreachable. I had no idea how to stop it. Thanks to YEA Camp, I now have the confidence and skills to go out into the world and make a difference and turn my dreams into reality.”

–Paula, 17, California


Beautiful, Modern Facilities

YEA Camp 2022 will be held in beautiful, modern facilities in the Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts, though we attract campers from all over the country and even other countries to attend our unique camps. If you are from out of the area,  don't let the location stop you! We can help with a ride from the airport.

Our camp locations provide an inspiring experience out in nature. We'll be able to go hiking, swimming, kayaking, and play other outdoor sports and activities, while we also have all the basic amenities you're used to at home (like electricity and regular indoor bathrooms and hot showers). Unlike home, we have bunk beds filled with some of your future best friends!

For safety, we'll send you the exact location of YEA Camp after you register, but we're located approximately:

  • 1 hour from Albany
  • 2-1/2 hours from Boston
  • 3 hours from NYC
  • 4-1/2 hours from Philadelphia
  • 6-1/2 hours from Washington, DC
Rachael at YEA Camp

"I probably will never be able to fully convey the feelings of deep love and gratitude I have for YEA Camp. YEA Camp has totally shifted me mentally and emotionally in a direction I believed I’d never go.

Not only did I realize that changing the world was possible, but I learned how to change my mindset. My newly gained confidence has already taken me so far and I have YEA Camp’s incredible community and staff to thank for that. During my time at YEA Camp I’ve learned how to turn my compassion, knowledge and thirst for change into action and I think that this is probably the most significant lesson I will ever be taught.  Being at YEA Camp makes me feel like I could do anything no matter what it takes. YEA Camp is the experience of a life time and to experience its magic first hand is such a blessing."

Rachael, 16, New Jersey

Benefits of YEA Camp

  • Strengthen your confidence and belief in yourself.
  • Develop amazingly close friendships with super nice people who care as much as you do.
  • Get tons of ideas and examples of ways you can make a difference.
  • Gain individualized mentorship from experienced staff and like-minded peers in our small camp environment.
  • Find your voice to speak up about what’s important to you.
  • Deepen your understanding of the problems in our world and how to fix them.
  • Learn skills you can apply right away to make a difference in your community.
  • Improve your people skills while also caring less what others think of you.
  • Become part of an inspiring community who will cheer you on long after camp ends.
  • Have the best week of your life!*
    *That’s seriously how many of our campers describe it.
pic ananya

"Before camp, I knew that I wanted to change things, to make the world a better place, but I had no clue where to start. YEA Camp gave me the confidence, inspiration, and community to do so much since then that I never would have done before camp."

–Ananya, 14, New Jersey


Is YEA Camp Right For You?

  • YEA Camp attracts a diverse group of progressive-minded youth ages 12-17 who want to make a bigger difference in the world
  • Some of our campers have been activists since they were little! Others are just getting started. But it's not a competition. It's a community. We love that we all get to learn from and inspire each other.
  • You are excited (it's OK if you're a bit nervous too!) that YEA Camp will coach and challenge you to think bigger and to expand your comfort zone
  • You are committed to anti-racism, gender equality, and creating a space that supports everyone to be empowered as a changemaker

Unfortunately, YEA Camp won't be a good fit for you if:

  • You support Donald Trump or his policies (You're entitled to your opinion, but this isn't the right camp for you)
  • You're introverted enough or have mental health challenges that would make being in big groups without much alone time or activities involving discussing serious problems in the world really unpleasant or unsafe for you
  • You're not vaccinated against COVID-19 (That's a choice for you and your family, but we require vaccination to try to keep everyone as safe as possible)

“I felt extremely welcomed and accepted at YEA Camp. The tight community bond we formed was incredible. The creation of such a tight-knit community in a week is magical. I learned everything and more that I need to be an effective advocate. All aspects of the camp contribute to the best experience of someone’s life. This is the experience of a lifetime.”

– Jaliessa, 17, Oregon


Tuition & Payment

The all-inclusive tuition for YEA Camp’s life-changing leadership camp is $1950. 

Included in the cost of tuition is:
  • comfortable cabin lodging at our beautiful venue for 9 days and 8 nights

  • nutritious mostly organic vegan food (3 meals a day, 2 healthy snacks, and dessert!) prepared by incredible chefs

  • highly experienced adult staff supervision and workshops at a phenomenal camper-to-staff-ratio of approximately 3:1

  • leadership experience that many of our campers highlight  in college applications

  • fun activities like swimming and kayaking on the lake, hiking, and other outdoor time in nature
  • inclusion in our post-camp follow-up community to be able to support campers long after the summer is over

  • what many of our campers describe as the best week of their life.

We will also be offering 1 session of Virtual YEA Camp this summer July 11-15, 2022! You can join us for virtual camp, in-person camp, or both!

Virtual YEA Camp is perfect for you if you:

  • want to get training to make a difference, have lots of fun, and meet other amazing changemakers from your own home
  • are unable to join us in-person at YEA Camp in Massachusetts August 6-14
  • don't feel ready for in-person overnight camp yet
  • are not vaccinated or immunocompromised and so not a good fit for in-person camp this summer 
  • want to have the extra opportunity to join us virtually as well as in-person
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Payment Plans and Financial Aid

YEA Camp offers convenient payment plans to make monthly payments toward your tuition. This option can be selected once the camper registers and the parent or guardian goes to make their payment.

Unlike most specialty camps, YEA Camp offers financial aid for low-income youth who have not attended YEA Camp before and would not otherwise be able to afford to attend. If your family would need financial aid to attend, review our financial aid protocol and then have the camper register at the Register page, at which point the parent or guardian will be directed to the Financial Aid application.

YEA Camp is a nonprofit organization committed to social justice and diversity in our programs. We do not turn eager campers away due to lack of funds. In order to accept campers on scholarship, we rely on an honor code to ensure that each family pays what they can and that funding is available for those who need it. We rely on tax-deductible donations to our scholarship program to continue this policy.

Thanks so much for your interest in YEA Camp! We hope to see you this summer!

YEA Camp Schedule - Subject to Tweaking

We'll try not to include any spoilers....



Get settled in and help us create a safe space for everyone.

Play tons of games to the point that you forget to be self conscious or that as of a little while ago you didn’t even know anyone here.

Make amazing new friends you feel closer to than some of your friends at home. Yes, this will happen on the first day.

Recognize that you belong in this inspiring and supportive community of changemakers.



Explore the beautiful hiking trails and natural environment we are staying in.

Learn about past movements and activists who have helped advance social justice.

Deepen your understanding of the most significant social issues of our time and how they are interconnected.

Share about your own passions and be inspired by other people’s passions.

Feel appreciated and proud of yourself for caring so much.



Check in on how camp is going and offer your input so everyone has a great experience.

Strengthen your communication skills to collaborate better and get your message across confidently and effectively even with people who disagree with you.

Learn about what’s wrong with consumerism and go “shopping” at our Really Really Free Market!

Camper Choice Night! Dance party, karaoke, or game night, anyone?



Strengthen your understanding of social justice issues like racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Look deeply at negative messages you've heard and create healing for yourself and others to not believe the hurtful things people have told you.

Choose your IOI (issue of importance) you want to focus on and meet with your staff mentor and small group of campers passionate about the same issues you are.

Do a life-changing activity that will help you find your voice and care less about what others think of you.



Analyze the wide variety of ways to make a difference and tools to help you decide what to do.

Build skills to inspire others to make a difference - things like fundraising, running a school club, and grassroots outreach.

Arts Activism! Use your creativity to make a difference and collaborate on a project of your choice, such as spoken word, song, mural, or dance.

Courageously and safely explore the challenging emotions that we as caring people concerned about our world may feel.

Small group collaborations


Meet with your small group to start developing your action plan for after camp.

Learn about different organizations working on your cause and ways you can get involved with them.

Confront and move beyond limiting beliefs you have about yourself. (We all have them!)

The YEA Show! This is our version of a talent show. You can do something goofy and hilarious with fellow campers, perform a traditional "talent" or inform us about a cause you care about.

Meaningful friendships


Choose your own adventure! Skillshare and teach-ins. We'll all learn and teach what you haven't learned yet and still want to know.

Get started making a difference on your cause working with your small group. Everyone will have a chance to contact their representatives, launch a fundraiser, create an awareness campaign, or other activism project of your choice.


Promise to keep in touch -- you'd better!

Share with family members about our awesome week and be part of our special YEA Camp graduation.

Try not to cry when it's time to go home! But it’s OK, we all probably will. Plus, there's nothing wrong with crying, It's just proof that you’re human.

Give so many hugs and then text and "friend" everyone from the car on the way home.

Bring your inspiration and positivity home with you and share it freely.



Changemaker Olympics! YEA Camp’s superfun version of color wars, this is your chance to try out applying everything you learned all week.

Create and present your action plan and get the standing ovation you deserve.

Be so inspired by everyone else’s plans your hope for humanity will go through the roof.

Night hike to celebrate and appreciate our special time together.

“I wanted to let you know how wonderful and vital your YEA camp was for our daughter! She not only loved her time there, but she came back with something which I believe will be of lasting value to her, namely a sense that she can make a difference in the world.”

- Mike, dad of Jesse, 13, California

Excited? Good! Us too!

We are going to have so much fun! And you will seriously not forget this week.

Talk to the fam, and then get yourself to YEA Camp this summer!
It won't be the same without you.