YEA Camp Sliding Scale Financial Aid Policy

YEA Camp is committed to diversity and to making this unique experience accessible to all who truly want to be part of it.

If finances are an issue for you, we offer a sliding scale payment approach to help you join us.

To be clear, we are a teeny nonprofit and don't offer a sliding scale because we have the funds for everyone to pay at the lowest levels, but because we are trusting and truly want our community to pay what they can. 

The full price of YEA Camp is $1600. This amount covers the full cost of putting on the program: advertising it, paying for all food, venue, supplies, staffing costs, insurance, administrative costs, and air travel when needed. It also enables us to run a sustainable organization and to offer financial aid to those who otherwise could not afford to attend, which is critical for our mission and the experience of our program as a diverse group of aspiring activists.

For those who cannot afford the full cost, our sliding scale is based on the honor system, as outlined below. 

  • If you can afford it, pay $1200. This pays for our costs without the added cushion of subsidizing those who can't afford it. If that's what you can afford, at checkout when you register, enter the coupon code YEA1200 to pay this adjusted amount.
  • If you can afford it, pay $800. This pays for our costs to feed and house you, as well as our staffing costs for the week, without covering our overhead and scholarship costs. If that's what you can afford, at checkout when you register, enter the coupon code YEA800 to pay this adjusted amount.
  • If you can't afford $800 but really want to come, we still want to make it work for you to attend YEA Camp! In that case, please apply for financial aid and tell us more about your situation and how much you are able to pay as well as if you're able to offer work-trade or other non-monetary ways you might be able to contribute to our work.

We hope this system will make it work for you to join us at YEA Camp. We ask that, if you come on financial aid and are able to make a donation in the future, to pay it forward with a donation to our scholarship fund.


We really hope you can join us at what we know will be a unique and incredible experience, and that this sliding scale approach makes it possible for more people to attend.

Please note that YEA Camp is a nonprofit, and we rely on donations as well as tuition to put on our programs. 

If you are able to take advantage of this sliding scale and make a donation to us at a future date, that enables us to continue to make our programs available to more people. Thank you!

Please let us know if you have any issues with the coupon codes or if you have any questions about YEA Camp!

Hope to see you this summer!