My Experience of a Lifetime at YEA Camp

By Cynthia Sewell

My time at YEA Camp was an experience like no other. On the plane ride there, I had no idea what would happen and how I’d feel after the 9 days. I was surprised in the best possible way.

There is so much to learn at YEA Camp. I went there with a huge amount of knowledge about animal rights and the environment but not so much about other social justice issues. The discussion-based workshops enabled me to learn from other people who were passionate about those other social justice issues, which broadened my scope of what I can use my newfound activist voice for. No matter how much you know or don’t know, there will be something that YEA Camp can teach you.


The biggest thing that I gained from the week was the true empowerment that came from being surrounded by other incredible campers and staff who care deeply about the world. The community that was built by the second day of camp continued to strengthen over the course of the week. I found friends that I’ve continued to stay in touch with since. I’ve met up with a few already — and it’s been two weeks since I left. The moment I got onto the plane back home, I already started to miss everyone. It felt weird to leave; the camp felt like a home.

I went into YEA Camp wanting to make change, with the passion that I did not know how to use. Coming out of the experience, I know exactly my next steps and how I can be an activist every day, for the rest of my life.

If you’re interested in attending YEA Camp yourself or want to suggest it to someone ages 12-17 in your life, please visit We’ll be announcing our upcoming dates for next summer soon.