YEA Camp Helped Me Develop the Confidence to Be an Activist

By Hannah White

This summer, I was able to go to the truly life-changing place that is YEA Camp. At camp, I met so many young people with the same passion as me. This made it easy to make lots of friends that helped me expand my knowledge and encouraged me to make change in the world.

I have always been passionate about social issues, but I’ve never really known how to advocate for change. At YEA Camp, I was given the tools that I was missing to be an activist. Through workshops like Activism 101 and Dealing with Haters, I gained the confidence and knowledge that I needed to be the activist I was striving to be.

At camp, I spent a week learning about social issues that I care about, building my skills and confidence, eating delicious vegan food, and making fun memories with my new friends. Camp was very educational, but it was also fun! When we weren’t getting the necessary tools we need to be difference-makers, we were having a dance party or laughing or playing gaga ball.

Now that I am home from camp, I am so grateful that I had this experience. I now have a specific action plan. I know that I am confident and educated enough to be a good activist. And now I have a group of young activists that believe in me and are there for me if I ever have questions or need help.

Hannah White is a 15-year-old student from Pennsylvania. She is passionate about the environment and plans to work with a local grocery store to reduce plastic bag use. She is also working on including environmental activism in her poetry. Hannah was a camper during the 2019 Massachusetts session of YEA Camp and she is excited to hopefully come back next summer.

If you’d like to develop more confidence in yourself to become an activist you care about, join us at YEA Camp for teens or YEA Camp for Adults! Don’t want to wait til summer? Good — we need more changemakers now! Check out our free ebook, The Beginner’s Guide to Changing the World for help getting started or taking your change-making to new heights!