What Summer Camp for Adults Really Looks Like

“I wish this camp had existed when I was a kid,” lament parents every summer as they drop their kids off at specialty summer camps. Summer camp is a way to make new friends, learn useful skills, and leap out of comfort zones. Don’t adults deserve those same benefits?

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp was founded in 2009 to teach young people age 12 – 17 how to make a bigger difference on causes they care about. After years of people asking, in 2018, YEA Camp expanded to offer a session for the 18+ crowd. YEA Camp for Adults was born.

YEA Camp for Adults is hosted at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, New York and is the perfect combination of leadership conference, self-care retreat, and activism training all set to the playful and relaxing scene of summer camp.

But what is it really like to attend summer camp as an adult? Just ask Martina Gauderer, a 2018 camper.

The Inside Scoop on Adult Summer Camp

“YEA Camp for Adults exceeded my expectations in all the best possible ways. I only wish I’d been a camper 20 some years ago! As a 35-year-old with almost zero camp experience as a kid, I was delighted by all the FUN camp activities (games, dance parties, talent show, etc). It made me feel like a kid – energized and excited!

But most importantly, this camp planted seeds and gave me practical tools to take my activism to the next level. Even the most seasoned activist (I’ve been involved in various causes, campaigns, etc. for most of my adult life) can get A LOT out of the workshops and presentations offered by the camp. Perhaps most important were the activities based on confidence and community building.

As I zoned in on the issues that were most important to me as an activist, I felt lifted up, supported, and encouraged in a way I never have before in activist circles. I came away with a strong community that still keeps in touch!

Here’s Martina looking at the rescued animals in the field at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

During camp, I was able to create a roadmap of strategy and goals that addressed my issue of importance. Campers zone in on their issue over the week. My issue of importance is something I carried with me well after camp. It has since lead me (even the most introverted of people) to build a strong activist community in my daily life, starting projects and creating real, tangible change.

Truly, I cannot speak highly enough of YEA Camp, Nora Kramer (the founder) and all of the wonderful staff! Best of all? YEA Camp for Adults is at one of the most wonderful places on earth, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! It’s the perfect setting to inspire and create change.

Plus, the food is off the charts!! I’m forever a supporter of this incredible LIFE CHANGING camp for WORLD CHANGING people!”

Are You Ready for Summer Camp?

Are you looking for an inspiring and meaningful way to spend your summer? It’s not too late to register for YEA Camp for Adults 2019. And, of course, if you know a 12-17-year-old who wants to know how they can do more to make our world a better place, YEA Camp’s youth camp is the place to be!