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When you found out that there is such a thing as a social justice summer camp for teen activists, did you got extremely excited and inspired and want to get involved right away?


One of the most amazing things about YEA Camp is the incredible staff members and volunteers who collaborate to bring this labor of love to life each year.


Thanks for wanting to help YEA Camp! Most of the work that it takes to put camp on happens during the school year. Volunteers can do simple things like putting flyers up around town, admin projects like posting YEA Camp to online calendars, or bigger things, like grant writing or consulting on an area of expertise. 
You can help right now by spreading the word about YEA Camp or donating towards our scholarship fund.
Specific needs we always need help with include:
-Administrative or logistical tasks
-Getting food donations
-Other handy skills or expertise you may have
Just let us know how you want to help! Thank you so much for supporting YEA Camp!


Thank you so much for your interest in working at YEA Camp!
YEA Camp is not your typical summer camp, and our staff are not your typical summer camp staff. Quite possibly the best job in the world, staff at our camps work with youth who are passionate about making a difference, and bring a level of experience, training, and positive energy and enthusiasm that makes our camps so extraordinary. Our campers and staff are amazing!
Take our fun quiz to see if you will be a great fit for YEA Camp, and if you ace it, please apply to work with us here!

We are currently hiring for:

Assistant Director


Photographer and videographer

Head Chef 

Assistant Chefs

Operations manager

(This part-time position will be from April – July and can include working at the camps or not. Preferably based in Los Angeles, but flexible location working from home.)

Health Supervisor

Counselor In Training
(for folks ages 18-20)

The commitment

  • Each of our camp sessions is eight days long. Click here to see the dates and exact locations of each session to make sure this works for you before applying.

  • A four-day mandatory staff training will take place immediately prior to camp in each location. The MA and NY staff trainings will be on-site overnight. The CA session will be held off-site in Los Angeles. You must be available for these 4 days right before camp starts.
  • Typically we have different staff in each state, but we welcome applicants who want to work at more than one session. We are unfortunately unable to cover costs of air travel.
  • All staff are provided with room and board, including housing in our lovely camp settings and delicious, mostly organic, kid-friendly vegan food.
  • Financial compensation varies per position. See below for details. CITs (counselors in training, or staff aged 18-20 years with less experience than our other staff but over the age to be a camper) serve as volunteers.
Note that background checks are conducted on all staff to ensure no past history that may be a threat to our campers' safety.

See specific job descriptions below.


To apply, please fill out this application. We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Will monitor and ensure the safety of campers. This is always our top priority.

  • Positively support campers in keeping the camp agreements they set up and in following the YEA Honor Code and rules

  • Lead workshops or camp activities, as planned with camp directors and staff

  • Share about their own activist experiences in a way that inspires youth to take positive action for change

  • Be a positive role model to youth

  • Work cohesively and in close communication with other talented staff

  • Help prepare meals and keep camp clean and operating smoothly, as needed

  • Maintain a positive and encouraging attitude for youth and staff throughout camp

  • Pitch in however is needed to have camp be a total success and a lifechanging experience for everyone involved
  • Commit to mentoring 2 to 4 campers after camp to help youth bring their plans into action. Mentoring will take place over phone calls, Skype, email, Facebook and/or in several reunions during the year. Counselors will be coached throughout their mentoring by a YEA Camp director. The time commitment varies but is less than 2 hours per month.

YEA Camp is seeking candidates who have:

  • Successfully worked with teen-aged youth in a supportive environment
  • A history of engaging in nonviolent social, political, environmental or other activism, community organizing, or other forms of engagement for social change, preferably on multiple different issues and using a variety of positive tactics and approaches
  • A commitment to strive towards human rights, environmental and animal protection, and anti-oppression
  • A familiarity and passion for current events, awareness of multiple social issues, and humility and intellectual curiosity regarding new topics and differing ideas and viewpoints
  • A desire to bring the skills and ideas they have learned to the next generation of leaders and change-makers
  • Worked well collaboratively with others, using non-violent or other respectful communication
  • Outstanding maturity, interpersonal skills, great sense of humor, willingness to go outside one’s comfort zone, and a desire to have lots of fun while maintaining a commitment to the camp’s goal of supporting youth activism
  • A vision for the transformation of our communities, ourselves, and our planet
  • CPR/First Aid are a plus
  • Preference for those with previous camp staff experience
  • Preference for those interested in working to grow YEA Camp throughout the year and in future summers

Background checks will be conducted.

Stipend: $300, negotiable DOE, including room and board. Volunteers greatly appreciated!

Sound good? Good! Please fill out this staff application here. We look forward to hearing from you!


The most fun you’ve ever had in the kitchen!

YEA Camp seeks:

  • Head Chef
  • Assistant Chef (multiple positions available)


Head Chef will:

  • Plan kid-friendly, delicious, filling vegan menus for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner for whole camp (approx 50 people)
  • Prepare shopping lists, assist in food ordering, and procure supplies and food for camp kitchen. We have menus and shopping lists from years past to refer to, which you can follow exactly or modify as you wish.
  • Prepare meals and supervise kitchen volunteers and assistant chefs
  • Supervise and ensure the cleanliness of the camp kitchen
  • Supervise other staff and campers helping in the kitchen
  • Create a schedule for the camp kitchen (managing which of the kitchen staff are on duty for which meals)

  • Ensure that there are alternatives and proper care and labeling for campers or staff with food allergies

YEA Camp is seeking candidates who:

  • Have at least one year of professional experience planning and cooking for large groups of (30+) people in a commercial kitchen
  • Are very organized and can handle a fast-paced work environment
  • Have experience with vegan cooking and meal preparation
  • Familiar with and willing to accommodate food allergies. We always have some who are gluten-free, allergic to nuts, soy, or other common allergens, and we need to make sure there are great meals for them as well.
  • Have Food Handlers Card, if applicable
  • Have great, creative ideas for vegan meals that young people will really love, or willing to prepare meals from previous years that our campers loved
  • Enjoy working in a collaborative, fun and supportive environment
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills and enjoy working with youth
  • Maintain a positive attitude working within our team, and be a positive role model to campers
  • Preference for previous camp, school or youth center kitchen experience or have some experience working with youth

Background checks will be conducted.

Stipend: $500, negotiable DOE, including room and board.

Sound good? Good! Please fill out this staff application here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Assistant chefs will:

  • Assist in meal planning and shopping
  • Prepare meals under the direction of head chef
  • Assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the camp kitchen at all times

YEA is seeking candidates who:

  • Have experience preparing and cooking food for large numbers of people in a commercial kitchen
  • Experience or desire to learn about vegan cooking
  • Have successful experience working collaboratively with others
  • Preference for those who have cooked in a setting with youth (youth center, camp, school, etc.) and have experience working with youth
  • Have strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and a desire to have fun!

Background checks will be conducted on all staff.

Stipend: $300, including room and board

Sound good? Good! Please fill out this staff application here. We look forward to hearing from you!


The first rule of YEA Camp is don’t get hurt. The punishment is that someone gets hurt! Once in a while campers break this rule and that’s where our health supervisor comes in. Our health supervisor is our go-to person we hope we don’t need to go to, and also the person who administers all medication, ensuring that all campers and staff get what they need to stay healthy for our week together.

A health supervisor can be a physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, EMT, Wilderness first responder or, depending on the state, be certified in another advanced first aid course. The Health Supervisor is responsible for giving campers their prescription and OTC medications and is the person accountable for emergency procedures and injury management. These duties tend to be light, providing ample time to enjoy an inspiring week in a beautiful setting.

Pay: $500, negotiable, including room and board

Sound good? Good! Please fill out this staff application here. We look forward to hearing from you!


YEA Camp seeks a professional videographer and/or photographer to document our camps. This year, we are looking to use footage from our camps and other sources to make a video about youth activism. The ideal candidate would be interested in editing and creating this video after shooting. Time commitment varies and is flexible, depending on the amount of footage needed. Please see the location and dates to determine which session would work for you. must provide your own professional equipment.

Pay: DOE/negotiable contract, optionally including room and board.

Sound good? Good! Please fill out this staff application here.

Thanks so much for your interest in YEA Camp! To apply, please fill out this staff application here.

We normally start hiring new staff for the summer in February or March, but feel free to reach out sooner or later and let us know how excited you are to work with us!

We look forward to hearing from you and making a huge difference for our campers together!