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Embodying Love: School Club Inspires Positive Body Image and Self Esteem

By Ashley Lytle Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and seen something you felt was “wrong”? I have, and so have several of my friends. These insecurities can cause depression, eating disorders, anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, and more serious issues. I have friends who starve themselves because they don’t fit this “ideal…

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So much to be thankful for and inspired by!

So many current happenings in the world and stories in the mainstream media instill hopelessness, fear, and anger. Yet, there is so much positivity happening as well. Our inspiring campers — and the amazing things you have helped make possible through supporting them — are telling a different story. SO MUCH ACTIVISM! In the months since YEA Camp, our…

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6 Teens Who Will Bust Stereotypes and Inspire You to Change the World

Quick. Word association. When you think of teenagers, what do you think of? If the words “inspiring,” “motivated,” “dedicated,” “compassionate,” and “changemaker” don’t immediately spring to mind, read on, because those are the exact words we use to describe the teens who attend YEA Camp, including some of the ones we’re highlighting below. (And if…

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YEA Campers Making a Difference for Women

International Women’s Day, March 8, is a day which celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women. Violence against women and girls continues to be one of the world’s most widespread human rights violations and is a result of deeply embedded cultural values, social attitudes and unequal power relations, which both lead to violence…

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Activist Tip: Bring leaflets about your cause wherever you go

Have you ever been talking to someone about an issue you care about and felt frustrated because they didn’t believe you, or because you didn’t remember some of the details or know how to explain it well? Carrying a few flyers in your bag can really help back up what you are saying, or even…

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Organization To Know: Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood operates more than 800 health centers in almost every state that provide low-cost health care services for women and teens, including birth control, sex education, pregnancy testing, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood also provides abortion services, which makes it the target of a lot of people who want to outlaw abortion.…

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