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Everyday Should Be Earth Day … But Monday Is Earth Day!

Tomorrow, Monday April 22, is Earth Day, but what does that really mean? Last time we checked, we live on the Earth everyday. Unfortunately, maybe for that exact reason, it can be easy to take things like clean air or drinking water for granted, though even here in the U.S. many people — especially those…

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Youth Activists Declare Rio+20 Conference on Climate Change a Failure

In 1992, a courageous 12 year old girl named Severn Suzuki gave a speech addressing the United Nations Earth Summit. Her astonishing speech has been called “The Girl who Silenced the World for Five Minutes”. She called for  world leadership to  address the serious problems we face, and to remind them that they decide the…

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Activist Profile: Clayton D. Advocating for Environmental Sustainability

Clayton, from Vancouver, WA, attended YEA Camp Oregon in 2010 and 2011, where he inspired all of us with his passion for environmental protection. Since camp, Clayton has spoken out publicly multiple times to advocate for sustainability. This fall, Clayton gave a moving speech at‘s Moving Planet Day of Action event, where he talked about…

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