YEA Camp


WOOHOOOO!!  We are so excited you want to come to YEA Camp! Not only because that means YEA Camp is about to get a lot more fun (BECAUSE OF YOU BEING THERE, duh!) but because you wanting to come to YEA Camp means you care about making our world a better place. And we want to spend our summers with people like you! 

If you get started and need to finish later it's okay - you can save your progress and we'll email you a link to finish your registration.

To register, the camper should fill out the application below. Don’t worry. It’s not like a college essay or a whole long process. It’s just for us to get to know you and make sure that you will love YEA Camp. YEA Camp isn’t for just anyone -- but if you’ve already read all about us and you’ve gotten to this page, it might be perfect for you!

Parents, please no cheating or plagiarizing here! The form below is for your child to fill out! We don’t want anyone to come to YEA Camp if they don't really want to come on their own.