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Financial Aid


YEA Camp Financial Aid Policy and Application

Please read our financial aid protocol carefully before contacting us with questions and filling out the form below.

Unlike most specialty camps, which do not offer financial aid, YEA Camp has never turned away an eligible camper for lack of funds. We expect financial aid applicants to demonstrate a strong commitment to attending and to doing activism on a cause they care about after camp – which is the purpose of YEA Camp!

Before applying, please ensure that the dates and location work for you to be able to attend.

Please contact us first if your child has a serious physical, mental, or emotional condition (including severe anxiety or ADHD, or significant developmental disabilities), life-threatening allergies, significant physical disabilities, or has experienced severe trauma. We want to be sure that your child’s needs do not exceed the capacity of our program. If it is appropriate for your child to attend YEA Camp, they may need a physician’s release.

Our generous financial aid policy relies on:
a) individual donations
b) each family paying the most that they can afford,
c) campers creating a fundraising page here, and
d) families contributing in non-financial ways, such as publicizing YEA Camp at your school, in your community, or online; volunteering for needed projects; or bartering valued skills.

To apply for financial aid:

A parent or guardian should submit the application below and the camper should register normally.

We expect campers getting financial aid to make an effort to fundraise. Campers who show initiative by fundraising will be given priority consideration.

Confirmation of your spot and financial aid is contingent upon making the agreed-upon payment (or installment) within 2 weeks of us notifying you of your acceptance.

We do not offer financial aid for returning campers. With a full year to plan to return to YEA Camp, our fundraising workshop at camp, and help from the supportive YEA Camp community, we have confidence in our returning campers’ ability to fundraise toward their tuition or pay on a payment plan. If you are an alumni camper and need help with this, check out our Fundraising Guide and reach out to your YEA Camp community! We will support you! Money is not a good reason not to attend YEA Camp!

The full 2017 YEA Camp tuition is $1500.  If you cannot pay the full amount, we offer a 3-tiered scholarship program. There are a limited number of scholarships at each tier for each session.

Tier 1: Your family pays/fundraises $750, or more if you are able.

Tier 2: Your family pays/fundraises $300. This is the minimum level for families for whom tuition is a significant financial burden. If your family cannot afford this amount, say so in the application. If the potential camper is truly passionate about a cause and wanting to be at YEA Camp, we want them to be able to attend.

Tier 3: Your family/fundraises an agreed-upon amount, which is supplemented by volunteer work, such as publicizing the camp, administrative help, or contributing other significant skills. Acceptance into the camp is contingent upon following through with this work.

Note: Our lowest formal scholarship level is $300, which covers only our most basic expenses for each additional camper. If this is a hardship for your family, please say so in the application. We encourage you and your son or daughter to fundraise this amount by creating an inspiring fundraising page explaining why they want to attend. Share that page with family and friends and with us, and we will share it with our supporters for them to donate. You might be surprised how many people will contribute!

To continue and apply for financial aid, complete the form below.

Thank you so much for your interest in YEA Camp! Unlike most specialty camps, as a camp committed to social justice, YEA Camp is committed to diversity and making our program accessible to campers who otherwise couldn’t afford it. This is only possible when each family pays the highest level of tuition that they can afford. Let us know if you have any questions about this form by emailing us at

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Please share briefly about your financial situation and why you need financial aid for your son/daughter/loved one to attend YEA Camp.

Are there other non-financial ways you could contribute to YEA Camp in exchange for reduced tuition? 

Do you have a special skill or service you could volunteer, or are you able to help get the word out about camp at school or to contacts who might be interested?

Needs we always have include: outreach to schools or organizations, media publicity, admin, graphic design, grantwriting, fundraising, logistics, legal, and more.

Are you willing to work with your son or daughter to create a fundraising page?

It's easy and won't take long. You can see examples from past campers here.

Contribution Amount?

As part of granting financial aid, we ask that if campers and parents have a great experience with YEA Camp that they become YEA Camp ambassadors.

Whether it be sharing on social media, spreading the word at school, or other creative ways, if you are offered financial aid and have a great experience, will you agree to be a YEA Camp ambassador by sharing about your experience at YEA Camp in the coming year?