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Who goes to YEA Camp and what do they have to say about it?

Glad you asked!
Since 2009, over 400 campers from about half the states in the US and 5 other countries have attended YEA Camp. Our campers come from different backgrounds, have different passions, and have different levels of experience, but one thing everyone at YEA Camp has in common is the desire to make our world a better place.

We feel pretty confident in saying that the people who attend YEA Camp are some of the most inspiring, kind, and positive people you are likely to meet.

Thankfully they like us too. 🙂

Find out more about our amazing campers, and what they have to say about their experience at YEA Camp. Check back soon as we add many more stories and testimonials.


Thirteen-year-old Ananya from New Jersey is a total powerhouse. She has been featured in her local newspaper not once but twice for her involvement with Greenpeace on multiple campaigns to protect the environment and to get money out of politics. She is also a talented artist and uses her creativity to raise awareness about the need to protect our planet.

“Everyone can make a difference — with enough determination (and the knowledge, skills, confidence and community you gain at YEA Camp!)”

Let's go campingASHLEY

ASHLEY came to YEA Camp inspired to empower other young people, especially girls, to feel good about themselves. At camp, one of our staff members told her about an amazing organization called Embody Love Movement, and next thing we knew Ashley started an Embody Love Club at her high school with the goal to empower her community to embrace who they are regardless of societies ideals. They’ve done a Black History Month campaign, a “love mirror” campaign, and will be doing an “I am…” photo campaign. Ashley has a passion for writing and as an 11th grader put together a collection of artwork and literature by youth around the world, which she self published.  Purchase a book and 40% of the royalties will go to the United States Fund for UNICEF to help children around the world.



Check out this video testimonial from Bema!

“I’ve learned so much. [Before camp] when I looked at the civil rights movement, it was like, what can I do today? … Now I have a plan, instead of just going off the top of my head or going with the flow. I have a plan. I’m not unprepared for the world.”



15-year-old Bernie came to YEA Camp twice and came all the way from Oregon to attend our California camp. Bernie is an extremely talented musician and brought all of us together many times while he played the piano for us. Bernie is just a good, kind person, so he speaks out against bullying and helps everyone feel safe no matter who they are. Bernie is passionate about the environment and after YEA Camp did a waste audit of his school cafeteria with his school club and helped implement a composting program.