YEA Camp for Adults

High Falls, NY
June 30-July 6, 2019 

YEA Camp for Aspiring Activists

Training, fun, and inspiration for positive social change

Calling all dreamers, idealists, realists, and changemakers

Welcome to YEA Camp!

For 10 years now, Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp has been
the premier social justice leadership camp for teens.
In 2018, we launched this special session just for adults!
It was such a success we are offering it again in 2019! We hope you'll join us!

What is YEA Camp for Adults?

In this unforgettable week, we will blend all of the elements of a silly and heartwarming summer camp, a rejuvenating retreat, and a transformational activist training to help you on your change-making path for years to come.

If you're passionate about progressive causes like climate change, equality, gun control, animal rights, or other social justice issues, and you want help making a bigger impact, YEA Camp was created just for you.

Adult camp summer 2018

There are so many problems in the world, but thankfully more and more people want to do something about them.

A lot of big-hearted people who never considered themselves "activists" now know they want to get involved but aren't really sure what to do.

It can be hard when you're just getting started. Or if you've been signing petitions and donating, but now you want to do more.

That's why we created YEA Camp.

Our team of experienced activists has been there. We're just a few years further along. (OK, some of us are a lot more years further along!)

We know what it's like to care so much but not know what to do, what to say, or how to make the biggest difference. To even doubt whether we can make much of a difference at all.

Well, we're here to say that you can.

YEA Camp exists to help you get past all that.  Because we need all the changemakers we can get.


Explore our "Core Four" - a set of development areas identified and tested by veteran activists as crucial for effective advocacy

Mouse-over each puzzle piece to learn more!

Nobody has simple solutions to our world's problems, but our proven curriculum has helped hundreds of young people make a difference on causes they care about. 

Hey, what's your I.O.I.?


YEA Camp is progressive and committed to social justice, but it's not about any single issue. It's about equipping you with the tools to make a bigger difference for your own cause -- what we call your "Issue of Importance," or I.O.I. 

Don't worry if you don't "have a cause" yet - you will before you leave! You'll also leave fired up, with a plan to make a difference on that issue in a way that inspires you.

“YEA Camp is unique in its ability to nurture people with an activist or community vision and help them prepare for lives of purpose, effectiveness, and joy.”

-Hillary Rettig, author of "The Lifelong Activist"

You will leave camp confident and prepared.

YEA Camp for Adults will help you:
  • Build your self-confidence to speak up for what you believe in.

  • Learn skills you can apply right away, including how to creatively use the talents, experience, and network you already have

  • Become more savvy and strategic to have a bigger impact.

  • See a pathway to get more involved in politics, grassroots activism, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, or other forms of change-making that feel right for you.

  • Develop a plan to have a bigger impact with the time you have.

  • Manage negative emotions and feel more optimistic about the movement for social justice and the important role you can play in it.

  • Feel restored by spending a week in nature at an animal sanctuary with supportive, like-minded people (and animals!).

  • Develop a practice of self-care to sustain a healthy, change-making life.

  • Become part of a stellar community to cheer you on.

  • Have one of the best weeks of your life, which is how so many of our campers describe it.


If you want help advocating for social justice, there is no place like YEA Camp.

“I am a proud supporter of YEA Camp! I know that YEA Camp is an incredibly powerful and supportive environment for people of all ages who care about their world and want to be informed and empowered in making a difference! With all that is going wrong in the world, it is so uplifting to be able to learn about solutions and how best to make a positive difference with the gift of our lives!”

- Julia Butterfly Hill, world-renowned environmental activist and best-selling author of The Legacy of Luna and One Makes the Difference

This is not some boring conference!

Everything we do at is interactive and very thoughtfully curated to help you make a bigger difference. YEA Camp is like a week-long course with well-tested, engaging, diverse curriculum that builds on itself to train you in a holistic way to take your activism to the next level.

All of our knowledge- and skill-building workshops are interspersed with confidence- and community-building activities that are fun, inspiring, or just help you decompress, get outside, and move around so you're having a great time, making friends, and ready to keep going.

And did we mention we will be at an animal sanctuary?! What conference lets you visit with rescued pigs and turkeys on breaks?

This will also be a very intimate group of no more than 50 people, and everyone will get to know everyone. You will have staff mentoring you and helping you develop your action plan for how you will make a difference when you go home.

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

“YEA Camp is not only one of the most fun events ever created – it just might shift the course of history. The more people who participate in YEA Camp, the more hope we will have for our future.”

- Ocean Robbins, founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!) and The Food Revolution Network CEO

What you can expect

Leadership and Activism Training

Learn key skills from experienced activists and courageously stretch your comfort zone farther than you realized you could go. You’ll leave YEA Camp having developed the confidence and strategic thinking to take your difference-making to new heights.

Silliness of Summer Camp

We will have a talent show and a dance party, sing songs, play games, and have a blast like you (might) remember from camp experiences as a kid. We will even have a campfire (with vegan s’mores, obviously) and late-night pajama parties! Camp is so fun! Plus, having fun and enjoying life helps us sustain our activism.

Time to reflect and focus on what matters

In the business of our daily lives, we can often lose sight of the difference we really want to make in the world. This is a week to focus on what matters most to you and to cultivate your change-making path. We hope it will be a line in the sand. After YEA Camp, things will be different.

A new community of like-minded camp friends and collaborators

Not only will you meet other incredibly committed people who care about making a difference on the same types of causes you care about, we do so much at YEA Camp to cultivate truly meaningful and heartfelt friendships. We expect these relationships to lead to activist collaborations, career networking, an activist support system, and lifelong friends.

Rejuvenation and Self-Care

When was the last time you made the time in your schedule to really take care of yourself and catch your breath? This week we will have opportunities to do yoga, meditation, journaling, and other self-care practices that make a real difference for so many people’s perspective and longevity. Everything we do is optional, so you can decide what feels right for you.

Great Healthy Food

Prepared with love by personal vegan chefs, YEA Camp’s food will keep us nourished and our taste buds happy while also providing an opportunity to practice choices we can make in our daily lives as activists. From healthier whole foods to decadent desserts, our menu models sustainability while satisfying our needs for well-being and delighting your sweet tooth. All food is organic, fair-trade, and local (when possible).

For more info about specific meals, click here to see an example of what we offer for our teen camps. Keep in mind that our menu for the adult camp will be a bit healthier than at our "kid-friendly" youth camps.

Food allergies? No problem - just let us know what you need.


Time with Animals

The animals at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary are a living, breathing, adorable inspiration of what activists can make possible. All animals have been rescued from terrible circumstances, and thanks to caring rescuers will be living their lives out in paradise. Our daily visits are just as much fun for us as for them.

Modern Facilities

While we’ll be at summer camp and be staying in charming cabins with bunk beds, we won’t really be roughing it. Of course there’s all the basics of indoor bathrooms and electricity, and we even get good cell reception and good wifi if you need, though this would be a perfect time to unplug.

“I've seen from personal experience the huge difference YEA Camp makes, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a boost to get active making a bigger difference. Our communities need more people to go to YEA Camp.”

-Lisa Hall, Founder and Director of Rays of Hope

Location & Dates

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

High Falls, New York
June 30 - July 6, 2019 


About this location:

Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is home to hundreds of rescued animals now living their lives out in paradise. Located on the grounds of a summer camp complete with cabins, modern bathrooms, and even a fire pit, we couldn't think of a better location for our first ever YEA Camp for Adults.

Located around 90 minutes outside New York City, nearby the town of New Paltz, High Falls is easily accessible by bus (or car) from Manhattan.

Note: We strategically planned our dates over the Fourth of July, so hopefully, missing fewer days of work means you can join us!

Why a summer camp for adults?

It can be hard, caring so much about the problems in our world. Camp is a chance to catch our breaths, form deep friendships, and step out of our comfort zones. It's a way to practice self-care and nurture what matters most.

And silly games, singalongs, and roasting marshmallows over the campfire are not just for kids! Plus, where else do you have opportunities to mix, mingle, and strut your stuff at our talent show or on the dance floor at our rockin' substance-free dance party?! 

Combined with our interactive workshops, skill-shares, and self-care sessions (with activities like yoga, meditation, or journaling), one week at YEA Camp will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to amp up your activism and give you the necessary tools to sustain your efforts for the long haul.

YEA Camp is an antidote for the anger, frustration, and cynicism many of us can feel as people concerned about the problems of the world. 

Summer camp for adults

“YEA Camp keeps me hopeful and inspired! Whenever I need a break from the news, which is often depressing and toxic, I check out YEA Camp [social media] to watch videos and read stories about young people working to make the world a better place for all.... We need YEA Camps in every state across the country!”

– Rose Aguilar, journalist, host of Your Call radio (KALW/NPR), author of Red Highways: A Liberal’s Journal Into the Heartland, and YEA Camp Advisory Board member

Is YEA Camp for Adults right for you?

If you're a progressive-minded adult who wants to have a more significant impact on the world, then YES!

Because YEA Camp is not about any one cause, we attract a diverse crowd of campers passionate about a wide range of social justice issues like racism, sexism, LGBTQ rights, sustainability, environmentalism, animal rights, and more. Our curriculum is designed for ANYONE to make a bigger difference - no matter their level of experience or IOI (that's activist speak for "issue of importance!).

Please note, YEA Camp is NOT the right fit for you if:

  • You do NOT support progressive causes including human rights (such as addressing racism, sexism, and LGBTQ rights), environmental conservation, and animal welfare. 
  • You think our president is doing a wonderful job.
  • You feel you're already on track in your activism and don't need any further support or training (GO YOU!!)
  • You behave angrily, aggressively, or negatively towards others OR are intolerant of different points of view OR are "stuck in your ways." We'll mostly agree on the basics but also need to be respectful that we won't agree on everything and want to support one another.
  • You won't help create a safe and welcoming space for other campers

If you want to make quite sure that YEA Camp for Adults is right for you, please contact us for help in making an informed choice.

Tuition and Scholarships

The cost for YEA Camp for Adults is a sliding scale.
The full cost is $1600.
We will be offering sliding scale registrations for those who need.
Monthly payment plans are available when you register.


Included with your tuition:

  • Comfortable cabin lodging with modern showers and bathrooms for 1 week (7 days, 6 nights)
  • ALL meals (prepared three times daily by our on-site private vegan chefs) and snacks
  • A week of planned workshops, leadership training, team-building exercises, games, self-care and wellness, visiting with animals, all-around hilarity, and more!

Join Us at YEA Camp!


As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, YEA Camp reserves a certain number of spots for financial aid grantees.
We want YEA Camp to be accessible to anyone, regardless of income level. To apply for financial aid, please click here.

YEA Camp is a nonprofit organization that relies on donations to fund our scholarship programs.
Your tax-deductible contribution makes YEA Camp more accessible for all.

Thank you for your continued support.

What about the food?

YEA Camp is proud to provide food truly fit for changemakers.

To highlight activism we can do in our daily lives, all of the food at YEA Camp is vegan, fair-trade, and organic and local where possible.

Thankfully, we don't need to sacrifice our taste buds for our ethics.We have a personal vegan chef along with a skilled team dedicated to serving delicious, nutritious, foods to keep us fueled for change.

We strive to include meals from different cultures so you might expect meals featuring Indian, Mexican, Thai, or Mediterranean dishes, as well as YEA Camp classics like French toast and pancakes (mmm), veggie burgers, freshly baked vegan pizza, and chocolate chip cookies for a treat. We also offer fresh fruit or salad at each meal. Between breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks, and dessert, you will be well fed!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page!

Food allergies?

No problem! Just let us know what you need.

For more info about specific meals, click here to see an example of what we offer for our teen camps. Keep in mind that our menu for the adult camp will be a bit healthier than at our "kid-friendly" youth camps.

What's it like at camp?

YEA Camp has been running life-changing leadership camps for teens for almost a decade, and now it’s your turn! While there will be some differences with the adult camp (from no bed time(!) to age-appropriate curriculum training), we believe much of what we do for teens will be just as powerful with adults.