Our Food

One of the many things that makes YEA Camp unique is our food.

YEA Camp is all about changing the world, and we feel it would be hypocritical if we served food similar to the standard American diet, which has led to skyrocketing rates of diet-related diseases, ecological disasters, and cruelty to animals, among other injustices of modern agriculture. Check out this cute but informative video and ChooseVeg.com for more info.

YEA takes pride in every meal at camp being delicious, as well as modeling the sustainable, ethical, and compassionate world we look to create. We are being the change we wish to see at every meal. As a result, all of the food at YEA Camp is vegan, as well as local and organic to the greatest extent possible. This is in alignment with our intention to practice living in the most sustainable and compassionate ways possible during our brief time at camp.

If you’re not familiar with vegan food, don’t worry. You will not know the difference when you try our pancakes, French toast, and ice cream sundaes! Our cooks are amazing, and our food is delicious. We promise.

Past meals have included:

  • Breakfast: French toast, pancakes, bagels; cereal and fruit available each day
  • Lunch: teriyaki rice bowls, burritos, barbecue tofu, veggie burgers, sloppy Joe’s
  • Dinner: veggie curry with coconut rice, stuffed shells, pizza, sushi, spaghetti
  • Desserts: chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes
  • Snacks: popcorn, pretzels, fresh fruit, chips and salsa
Please let us know of any allergies, special dietary needs, or favorite foods when you register.