What YEA Camp Achieves

Over 97% of parents and campers surveyed about YEA Camp report that YEA Camp was impactful, and made a lasting difference in participant self-confidence, attitude, and actions. Campers reported a doubling in their confidence and belief that they can make a difference. For a summary of these and other YEA Camper and parent surveys, quotes, and stories that demonstrate the impact of our program, see our YEA Impact Report 

At YEA Camp, participants go home having:

1. Identified and learned about social issues they care about and thought strategically about the root causes and primary strategies to address these issues

2. Developed skills to start a school club, communicate more effectively, use social media, plan events, fundraise, pass out flyers, and more.

3. Boosted their confidence and belief in their lifelong power to make a difference.

4. Made deep friendships with like-minded youth and adults, learned of the abundance of resources and organizations available for support, and become part of a supportive community with inspiring activist peers and role models. Each camper gets an adult mentor for help with activism and projects post-camp (more information below).

5. Created a plan for how they will impact their issue when they get home. For example, some of our campers have started school clubs, planned a benefit concert, raised over $1000 for a local animal shelter, created a music video about youth empowerment, got vegan options in the school cafeteria, organized a call-in to Congress, passed out flyers at busy events, attended community hearings, and so much more.

Mentorship Program

YEA Camp recognizes the power of staying connected as a community beyond our time at camp.

Each camper will have an adult mentor staff member who will have expertise in his or her chosen issue of importance. Our excellent staff-camper ratio of 1-3 enables close attention and relationships that will extend throughout the year.

Following the conclusion of their week at camp, staff will work with campers to arrange follow-up calls or meetings to check in on the camper’s progress on their campaign, as well as to provide ideas, support, and a helping hand when needed. They will help campers connect with local or national organizations focused on similar issues, so they can become an integral part of that movement.

YEA Camp will organize periodic group conference calls and reunions for participants to reconnect as well as to inspire and be inspired by one another.