Camp Life

Click here to check out a schedule of what an average day at camp is like!
10568907_10153074453384698_6467717392023868462_nIt’s hard to put into words what it’s like to be at YEA Camp! Some words we’ve heard used to describe it are: amazing, inspiring, fun, life-changing, transformative, and “best week of my life.”

Part of what makes our program so special is just being around other people who care about making the world a better place, and being in an environment where, as we say, it’s “cool to care.” YEA builds a tight-knit community of caring teens at each session who learn from, support, and root for each other.

In addition to workshops and learning about making a difference, YEA Campers go on hikes, play games, do talent shows, sing songs, have dance parties, and roast vegan marshmallows. In other words, YEA is as much a summer camp as it is activism training.

10306480_10153003375259698_2412548709817930943_nWith a lot of individual attention from experienced and caring staff, YEA Campers participate in about 4¬†interactive workshops per day to build understanding and develop skills to make a difference on a cause of each camper’s choice, in addition to the other fun stuff listed above.

Campers sleep in bunk beds in rooms in retreat-style accommodations with anywhere from 1 to 6 other campers and a staff member. We eat 3 delicious meals per day with two snacks in between. We even have a special table-banging cheer for mealtimes (ask your camper to demonstrate it for you sometime).

Each day at YEA Camp is different, and is a blend of fun, learning, inspiration, and confidence-building. By the time camp ends, we have formed a tight-knit community that continues beyond the camp.