How do I apply for a scholarship?

Please fill out and submit the two page registration questionnaire. Once you fill out a complete application, you will see a link to the scholarship application. We will contact you within two weeks regarding a scholarship award.

How do I know if there are still spots or scholarships left for a particular session?

Unless we have indicated that a session is full on our Dates and Tuition page, the session is open and we are still accepting applications and scholarship applications for that session.

Where does YEA hold camp sessions?

Oregon, California and Massachusetts. See our locations and session dates here.

My child is 11 and really wants to go to YEA Camp this summer, do you make exceptions to the 12-17 age range?

We allow 11-year old campers on a case-by-case basis. If your 11 year old  would like to come to YEA Camp and you feel like it would be a great fit for your child, register here. We will make a decision based on the information you provide.

I’m 18 or 19 and I really want to come to YEA Camp! Can I come?

We have a Counselor-In-Training program for 18-20 year olds. If you would like to be considered for our CIT program, fill out the registration form and the application (that the campers fill out), indicate your interest on the form in being a CIT. Also email a list of relevant volunteer, community service, or activism experience you have engaged in, 2 letters of recommendation, and why you think you’d make a good CIT for YEA Camp to info@yeacamp.org. There is no tuition for the CIT program.

How do I register for the monthly youth workshop?

This program is not currently offered. We will update our website when we set dates for this program over the fall and winter.

Your age range is wide–12 to 17 year olds–how do you handle the developmental differences of teens in such a diverse age group?

Our age range is wide, but this has never been an issue at camp. There are many reasons for this. Our campers are all there with common purpose/interest (doing good in the world) and that unites them. Because of this, they are more interested in the things their peers have to say about the issues and what they are doing, rather than what age everyone is. It’s such a community at our camp, people don’t think of each other in the same terms they might at a school or other setting. YEA Campers self-select as being interested in activism and this also makes for more mature campers. We have many campers within each age group–so there will be 10 12/13 year olds, 10 14/15 year olds, 10 16/17 year olds. so there are always people there within each age and for each camper to connect with. Often the older campers work with and mentor the younger ones. Our curriculum is very “differentiated,” because campers can take it as far as they want. Think of it as a yoga class–we’ll be teaching the basic moves, but some of them can take that and put their leg behind their head and do a more advanced move. Our goal is to meet the campers where they are and move them forward. We also have a very high camper to staff ratio (no more than 3:1) so we can always offer extra help for anyone who needs it, although its mostly group-work.

Why does the camp serve vegan food?

While we do serve vegan food at YEA Camp, that is certainly not the point of the camp. YEA Camp is not a camp for vegan or vegetarian teens. We welcome any teen who wants to make the world a better place. Our food gets rave reviews from our campers (meat-eating and vegan alike), is nutritionally rich and far healthier than the average camp or school’s food, and is designed to be a balance of kid-, parent-, and planet-friendly, given its combination of being healthy, delicious, and light on our ecological footprint.
Ultimately, YEA Camp is for teens who want to change the world, who want a world that is based on values of peace and non-violence, respect for others, environmental sustainability, and social justice. The more we have learned about animal agriculture, the more we see these values compromised (see ChooseVeg.com for more info on this), and our food is just one way that at camp we practice being the change we wish to see in the world. We feel it would be hypocritical to serve standard camp food at a camp with such a big mission to move our world in a more peaceful and sustainable direction.
There is a myth that vegan food is just boring salad, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We list some of our menu items here and they’re really not so different from what most kids eat at home or school.
While at camp we do explain the reasons we serve vegan food — we see it as just plain in alignment with the camp’s values of sustainability, compassion, and personal responsibility for being the change we wish to see in the world – we are very conscious of not trying to “convert” anyone to this choice. While some campers exposed to delicious and healthy vegan choices and the benefits of these food choices decide to pursue vegan/vegetarian foods after camp, many don’t, and that is entirely up to them and their families.

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