We’ve put together these resources for anyone who has ever felt alone, or clueless as to how they can help, so you can have an even bigger impact on the issues you really care about. There are so many amazing organizations out there doing great work, and so many materials out there to help us be more effective. Check these out and know what you think or what else would help you move forward in your efforts.

Download these documents YEA created to get inspired, get started, and get in action!

These are great resources from other organizations designed for experienced youth activists or ones who are just getting started:

Inspiring youth leadership organizations

Animal Rights/Vegetarian Resources and Organizations

Environmental Issues Resources and Organizations

Gay Rights Resources and Organizations

Women and Girls Resources and Organizations

  • Girls for a Change: a national organization that empowers girls to create social change.
  • Girls, Inc: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.
  • Young Women Social Entrepreneurs serves women with a socially conscious agenda who are founders and leaders within businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in Portland, San Francisco and other cities.

Social Justice and Human Rights Organizations

Politics and Government Resources and Organizations

  • The Bus Project Working on voter education and Get-out-the-vote efforts. The Bus Project also trains youth activists working on political issues and candidates.
  • Bringing Americans back to the political process.
  • Rock the Vote Youth-based voter education and get-out-the-vote efforts.
  • HeadCount focuses on voter registration by tapping into the music industry.
  • Students First An organization using political will to help solve the education crisis.

If you’d like to be included in this list, or know of a great organization or resource that we missed, please email