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10346609_10152996249714698_1051166040517257086_n (3)One of the best things you can do to help YEA Camp is to help get the word out about us! We rely on word of mouth and our community of supporters to spread the word.

Here are a few ideas, let us know if you have others:

1. Like/follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and share/retweet our posts

2. Talk to supportive teachers or school administrators to ask them to help get the word out.

3. Reach out to relevant blogs, online calendars, nonprofits or community organizations,progressive religious institutions, youth organizations, or other groups you think might be excited to learn about and spread the word about YEA Camp.

4. Print out this YEA Camp Flyer or have us send you some of our posters to put up at local schools, libraries, cafes, book stores, and around town.


5. Email us at info@yeacamp.org if you’d like to join our GOTW (Get Out The Word) Network. Check out our blurb below you can send to your contacts:

YEA Camp Blurb

Life-Changing Summer Camp for World-Changing Teens!
Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a summer camp for social change with life-changing week-long overnight sessions around the country that train youth to become effective advocates on causes they care about. In a beautiful natural setting, 12-17 year olds at YEA Camp develop knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to make a difference on important issues like climate change, bullying, homelessness, animal rights, racism, gay rights, or another cause of their choice. Many campers have gone on to start school clubs, plan fundraisers, organize community clean-ups, change school policies, and much more. Campers form amazing bonds, do things they never thought possible, and believe in themselves as never before. Youth who attend YEA Camp typically describe it as life-changing and one of the best experiences of their lives.

Check out our short video or website www.yeacamp.org to learn more.

“This camp has truly changed my life. You have inspired me to do so much with my life and to make the world a truly better place. You have inspired me to believe in myself and to not just say ‘I’m just a kid, what can I do?’ Because of you, I have been able to actually make a difference.” -Bianca, 15

YEA Camp is currently offered in Oregon, northern California, and Upstate New York, but we have campers attend from around the country. For dates and details, see www.yeacamp.org
Some scholarships available.
Contact: 415-710-7351