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This #ThankfulThursday Thanksgiving, YEA Camp Is Thankful for Tofurky!

As part of our #ThankfulThursdays series, we thought it was only fitting to express our gratitude on this Thanksgiving Thursday to Tofurky – a company whose delicious vegan meals are providing an alternative for people around the country today who want to spare turkeys from suffering in order for people to give thanks. And a…

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In Honor of #ThankfulThursday We Are Extra Grateful for Ed Yaffa!

As part of our created new tradition of reflecting on who we are thankful for each Thursday, YEA Camp is extremely grateful for Ed Yaffa! Not only has Ed been a donor to YEA Camp and offered many great ideas and input to help us grow, Ed has helped keep our website up and updated, pro bono, and has kept…

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Announcing Our First Ever YEA Camp for Animal Advocates!

From our first ever YEA Camp in 2009 to the 16(!) more sessions we have held since, YEA Camp has never been about one particular issue. We recognize the interconnectedness of social justice issues ranging from racism to climate change, poverty to war, and support campers in choosing an Issue of Importance (IOI) to them that they…

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#ThankfulThursdays: YEA Camp Is Thankful for Sophie O’Shaugnessy

Sophie O’Shaugnessy loves YEA Camp about as much as YEA Camp loves her – which is to say A LOT! As a friend of YEA Camp’s founder Nora Kramer since the days when Nora was still working out the plans and developing the courage to launch, Sophie has championed YEA Camp since before it even existed –…

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A New Tradition: #ThankfulThursdays! Giving Thanks for Ari Nessel

Instead of/in addition to Throwback Thusdays #tbt, YEA Camp is starting #ThankfulThursdays this month (and maybe beyond – feel free to join in!), and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of being our first honoree than Ari Nessel, a close friend who has supported YEA Camp since even before we launched our first camp…

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