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A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We want to acknowledge and appreciate all the sponsors and donors who make YEA Camp possible and have already pledged to contribute food and donations to our growing camp program! Please give your support and business to these sustainable and compassionate companies and organizations. Nature’s Path Organics NW Veg Food Fight Grocery Turtle Island Foods/Tofurky Turtle…

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Activist Profile: Clayton D. Advocating for Environmental Sustainability

Clayton, from Vancouver, WA, attended YEA Camp Oregon in 2010 and 2011, where he inspired all of us with his passion for environmental protection. Since camp, Clayton has spoken out publicly multiple times to advocate for sustainability. This fall, Clayton gave a moving speech at‘s Moving Planet Day of Action event, where he talked about…

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YEA Camper applications are so inspiring!

One of our favorite parts of getting ready for YEA Camp is reading our campers’ applications. We keep the application process pretty simple, but we do ask each prospective camper why they want to attend, what they care about, and what they hope to accomplish out of being there. Check out just a few of their…

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YEA Overnight Is a Huge Success!

The Youth Empowered Action overnight last weekend was a huge success! We had 21 teens attend the event, which included YEA workshops as well as some swimming and late night roller skating! Youth who came to the event were interested in making a difference on a lot of different issues. Many campers were interested in…

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